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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


Note: during the fall of 2001 the College of Arts and Sciences is forming a Department of Computer Science. Please see page 89 of this catalog (under the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) and www.cs.luc.edu for further information, including faculty, courses offered, requirements for the major and minor in Computer Science and the interdepartmental major in Mathematics and Computer Science, the B.S./M.S. dual degree program in Computer Science, internships, departmental honors, and course restrictions.

Lake Shore Campus:
Damen Hall 314
Phone: 773-508-8550
FAX: 773-508-2123
e-mail: info@cs.luc.edu

Chair: P. Dordal

Professors Emeriti: J. Connelly, R. Reisel

Professors: E.N. Barron, M. Buntinas, S. Doty, W. C. Huffman, R. Jensen, R. Lucas, M. Maher

Associate Professors: J. Del Greco, P. Dordal, G. Funk, A. Giaquinto, R. Greenberg, A. Harrington, C. Haught, L. Hupert, R. Jagadeesan, K. Läufer, R. Maher, J. Mayne (chairperson), A. McDonald, G. McDonald, A. Saleski, C. Sekharan, R. VandeVelde, S.J.

Assistant Professors: M. Goldwasser, S. Lokam, T. O’Brien

Instructor: L. Braga

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