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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


Lake Shore Campus:
Crown Center 101
Phone: 773-508-2280

Mallinckrodt Campus:
Main Building 218
Phone: 847-853-3361

Water Tower Campus:
25 E. Pearson, Room 700
Phone: 312-915-6950



To ensure that students have convenient access to computing resources, Loyola’s division of Information Services maintains staffed, full-service computing centers on the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses, and computer labs at Lake Shore, Water Tower, and Mallinckrodt. Network-delivered software and printer connectivity is available from all locations. A list of software available from each location is on the Web at www.luc.edu/its. locations, regular hours, contact numbers, and equipment for each lab is on the Web at www.luc.edu/its. You can get current information on lab hours during holidays and breaks by calling Information Services’ 24-hour information line, 773-508-2470.

Other computer facilities: Computer labs are located in most residence halls, and in libraries on all three Lakeside campuses. A number of university departments maintain their own computer labs for student use.


All new students are automatically issued a universal computer ID and password, which they can obtain through the university’s Touch-Tone telephone system or from a computing center adviser during the first two weeks of the semester. This ID and password provide access to all of the resources available on the lab networks, including e-mail, software, and the Internet. If a student requires access to another system, such as the university’s mainframe or Unix systems, he/she will need to request (at a computing center) a separate password for each. IDs and passwords are for the use of the student to whom they are assigned and are not to be shared with anyone else.


The university’s policies regarding computer use are iterated in several documents that are available on Loyola’s World Wide Web pages at www.luc.edu/its; printed copies are available at any computing center. Students should familiarize themselves with these policies, as they are expected to be in compliance with them.


Computing centers and labs are equipped with Pentium machines running Windows NT in a Novell Netware 5.1 environment. The University-wide network provides students with Internet connectivity, e-mail communication, and access to a wide variety of word processing, spreadsheet, statistical, database, compiler, graphics/desktop publishing, data communications, and instructor-requested software. Connection to networked laser printers is available from all computing centers and labs.


Students can access the University’s mainframe and Unix systems from all computing centers and labs, and dial-in lines allow access from home and residence hall computers. More than one hundred programs are accessible from the Loyola systems, including compilers, data management and statistical software, and graphics packages.

Loyola has a strong, multiple-server Unix environment that supports Web development and delivery, mail systems, Oracle databases, backup utilities, and more.


At this time, the University supports two electronic mail systems for students. Students enrolled prior to fall of 2001 have accounts on GroupWise, a network-based, full-featured system for both on-campus and off-campus mail exchange. Beginning with the fall 2001 semester, all new students will be issued an account on StudentEmail, an IMAP system that students can access from campus via Outlook Express and off campus via any IMAP client. The two systems are linked by a shared address book so that mail exchange between students or students and faculty is simple. Both systems provide web access. GroupWise is at gw5web.luc.edu, and StudentEmail is at webmail.luc.edu. Documentation on using both systems is on the Web at www.luc.edu/its. Students who wish to use their own e-mail programs are free to do so. However, because faculty and administration communicate with students through the University systems, students should make sure either to check their mailboxes daily or forward their University mail to another account. You can find directions for doing this on the Web at www.luc.edu/its


Loyola maintains an active World Wide Web site (www.luc.edu) with links from its home page to Loyola departmental and personal pages, and to other sites outside the University. Students are encouraged to use the Loyola Web site as a dynamic and current source of information about the University. Each student also has 2.5MB of space on the University’s Web server to develop his/her own Web pages. Access to the Web and other Internet tools is available from all centers and labs, and classes (www.luc.edu/its) and documentation (www.luc.edu/its) support their use.


Internet connectivity is available from residence halls by means of a wall-jack or ADSL-box connections. Students can also use their Internet connection to access their University e-mail or any other Web-based e-mail program, as well as library catalogs and databases. A Loyola computer ID and password is required in order to access University mail and library resources. Information about how to connect your computer in your residence hall is on the Web at www.luc.edu/its.


Support Staff: Trained staff is available at all computing centers to respond to software and equipment usage questions. Staff hours are generally the same as the computing center hours.

Documentation: Information Services produces extensive documentation on using computer resources at Loyola. Many of these documents are available in the computing centers and labs and all are on the Web at www.luc.edu/its. A comprehensive guide to computer resources for students is on the Web at www.luc.edu/its, and printed copies can be obtained at any computing center.

Instruction: Computing short courses provide instruction in popular software such as Windows, WordPerfect, and PowerPoint, and communication and research tools such as e-mail and the World Wide Web. These classes are for all Loyola students, staff, and faculty, and are offered on all campuses. Some are free; some are provided at moderate cost. Class descriptions and registration information are available on the Web at www.luc.edu/its and at each computing center.

World Wide Web Development: IS provides support for development of both official Loyola Web pages and personal Web pages. Classes and documentation are available, and detailed online support, including official requirements and guidelines, at, www.luc.edu/its.

Call Center: The Information Services Call Center (4-4444 from on-campus; 708-216-9043 from off-campus) is a centralized inquiry and routing resource for Loyola students, faculty and staff who have questions about computing services or software use, or who need to report equipment problems.

4-NET: This on-campus number is for use by students who have questions about their residence hall connectivity. Inquiries are handled by students, called ResCons, who have been trained to help students connect their computers and access Loyola Internet resources from their rooms.

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