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Requirements for the Major in Greek: Eight author courses totaling 24 hours beyond two years of high school Greek or their college equivalents (GREK 131 and 132). 300-level courses may be substituted for two of the four 200-level courses. Majors in Greek must also take a three-hour Greek composition course (GREK 303), and in the senior year, CLST 383-384.

  Courses Credit Hrs.
Greek 303, four courses at 200-level, four courses at 300-level 9 27
Classical Studies 383 and 384 2 6
English 105 and 106 2 6
History core 2 6
Mathematics core 1 3
Philosophy core 3 9
Theology core 3 9
Natural science core 3 9
Social science core 2 6
Communicative/expressive arts core 1 3
Electives to complete 128 credit hours variable 44
TOTAL 128  

Requirements for the Honors Program in Greek: Twelve author courses totaling 36 credit hours and including GREK 396, 397, 398, 399. In addition, honors majors must take GREK 303 and during the senior year, CLST 383-384.

Requirements for the Minor in Greek: Four author courses in the 200-series or above totaling 12 hours in addition to CLST 383, which is to be taken in the senior year.


(All courses are 3 credit hours each.)

131. Elementary Greek I.
Forms, elementary syntax, basic vocabulary, and readings in connected prose.

132. Elementary Greek II.
Prerequisite: 131.
Exercises in syntax; review of Attic Greek morphology; selected readings for vocabulary enrichment and illustration of grammar.

262. Introduction to Plato.
Prerequisite: 132.
Readings from Plato’s Apology, Crito, or other shorter dialogues.

267. Introduction to New Testament Greek. (THEO 307)
Prerequisite: 132.
Selections from the evangelists and/or other writers of the New Testament.

275. Introduction to Greek Oratory.
Prerequisite: 132.
Selected readings from the Attic orators.

281. Introduction to Greek Historiography.
Prerequisite: 132.
Selections from Greek historians; study of the contributions of authors such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon.

285. Introduction to Greek Poetry.
Prerequisite: 132.
Selections from Homer to Theocritus.

303. Greek Composition.
Prerequisite: two Greek author courses.
Practical exercises to develop correct and fluent expression in written Greek prose.

315. The Greek Fathers.
Selections from Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and other Greek Fathers; historical background of their times.

325. Demosthenes.
Selected orations; rhetoric and politics in the age of Philip.

331. Herodotus.
Selections; Ionic dialect; historical method.

335. Thucydides.
Selections; the Peloponnesian War; historical method.

341. The Iliad.
Selections; Homeric dialect; Greek epic poetry.

342. The Odyssey.
Selections; Homeric dialect; Greek epic poetry.

343. Greek Lyric Poetry.
Selected readings from the Greek lyric poets.

351. Aristophanes.
Reading of selected comedies; Attic Old Comedy.

353. Aeschylus.
Selected tragedies; origin and nature of Greek tragedy.

354. Sophocles.
Selected tragedies; the further development of Greek dramatic art.

355. Euripides.
Selected tragedies; evolution of Greek tragedy.

360. Theocritus.
Readings of the authentic poems; their relationship to other Greek and to Latin and English poetry.

362. Plato.
Readings from the Republic or other major dialogues; style, thought, and philosophical significance.

388-389. Readings in Greek Literature I and II.

396H-399H. Honors Readings in Greek Literature.

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