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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


Steven Baumgart: M.L.S., University of Wisconsin
Librarian (2001)

Lenora Berendt: M.L.I.S., Brigham Young University
Librarian (1993)

Frances Loretta Berger, B.V.M.: M.L.S., University of Northern Iowa
Librarian (1973)

Valerie Gerrard Browne: M.S.L.S., Wayne State University
Archivist, Womenís Archives (1981)

Ling-li Chang: M.L.S., State University of New York at Buffalo
Head of Serials (1990)

Kerry Cochrane: M.A., University of Iowa
Head of Reference (1992)

Yvonne Damien: M.A.L.S., Rosary College
Librarian (1970)

Thad Dickinson: M.L.S., University of Texas at Austin
Librarian (2000)

Michael Grace, S.J.: M.A., Northern Illinois University
University Archivist (1971)

Anne Houston: M.I.L.S., University of Michigan
Head of Mallinckrodt Library

Susan Israilevich: M.L.S., Kent State University
Librarian (1988)

Carla Lee: M.I.L.S., University of Michigan
Head, Science Library (1992)

Hilary Leon: M.L.S., University of Michigan

Dawn Lynn: M.L.S., Indiana University
Librarian (1977)

Cecile Maciulus: M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State University

Stephen Macksey: M.A., University of Iowa
Assistant Dean for Information Services/ Collection Development (1990)

Catherine Miesse: M.L.S., University of Oklahoma
Head of Access Services (1985)

Michael Napora: M.L.I.S., Dominican University
Librarian (1999)

Karla D. Petersen: M.A., University of Minnesota
Assistant Dean of Libraries for Bibliographic and Access Services (1988)

Ursula Scholz: M.L.S., Simmons College

Joan Schuitema: M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Head of Cataloging (1978)

Rebecca Sedam: M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Librarian (1993)

Rita Stalzer, C.S.J.: M.A.L.S., Rosary College
Librarian (1968)

Susan Wardzala, M.A., University of Chicago
Librarian (1984)

Yolande Wersching: Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago
Head of Lewis Library (1985)

Swarna Wickremeratne: M.A., Simmons College
Librarian (1986)

Patricia Xia: M.L.I.S., Peking University, China
Head of Library Systems

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