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Undergraduate Studies Catalog



Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, Classics: Four author courses totaling 12 credit hours in either Greek or Latin. Generally, the sequence is composed of four Greek or four Latin courses in the 200-series.

Candidates who enter college with less than two years of high school Greek must first take an appropriate course or courses from GREK 131 and 132 before taking 200-level Greek courses. Candidates who enter college with less than four years of high school Latin must first take an appropriate course or courses from LATN 131, 132, 271, 272 before taking 200-level Latin author courses. The courses counted toward this degree must all be in one language. Elementary knowledge of a second foreign language is also required (see classical studies undergraduate advisor for details).

  Courses Credit Hrs.
Greek or Latin: 200-series 4 12
A second foreign language 0-2 0-6
Major field of study in any department of instruction variable variable
History core 2 6
English 105 and 106 2 6
Mathematics core 1 3
Literature core 0-3 0-9
Philosophy core 3 9
Theology core 3 9
Natural science core 3 9
Social science core 2 6
Communicative/expressive arts core 1 3
Electives to complete minimum total of 128 credit hours variable variable
TOTAL 128  

Consult departmental regulations of major field for further information. A major in a specific core area fulfills that core requirement.

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