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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


The Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education prepares students to be well versed in various fields of liberal culture as well as in fields of professional education. Courses in the humanities and the social and natural sciences provide the background for a well-educated individual. An 18-hour concentration in an approved discipline provides a solid base of knowledge in a specific field. Professional courses in education provide for the integration of theory and practice.


  • The candidate must be admitted to Loyola University with all records from other institutions in order. Students are expected to meet the degree requirements in force at the time of their entrance into the School of Education. If they are formally readmitted to the school, they are expected to meet the requirements at the time of their readmission. (N.B. to obtain certification from the state of Illinois, students must meet the state’s requirements in effect at the time an application for certification is submitted.)
  • The candidate must successfully complete a minimum of 128 credit hours.
  • The candidate must obtain a general scholastic average of 2.5 (C+) or better for all college work attempted. Transfer student s must also maintain a minimum of 2.5 for all coursework attempted after their transfer to the School of Education. An average of 2.8 must be maintained for courses in the major field of study. A course grade of "D" in the professional education sequence must be repeated.
  • The candidate must complete all prescribed and elective courses specified for the B.S.Ed. program major.
  • The candidate must spend the last 45 hours of instruction or a total of 64 hours in residence in the School of Education.
  • The candidate must have met all financial obligations to the university.
  • The candidate must maintain satisfactory grades in the final semester in order to be considered eligible for graduation at the end of the semester.
  • The candidate must file an application for a degree before the assigned dates: October 1st for degrees to be awarded in May, April 1st for degrees to be awarded in January. These applications are filed with Office of Academic Services.

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