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Undergraduate Studies Catalog


Superior Education in a World Class City

This is what your can expect at Loyola University Chicago, where we continue and advance the 450 year old Jesuit tradition of rigorous academic study, firmly grounded in the liberal arts. We help you prepare for meaningful careers with top academic programs in business, the sciences and numerous other disciplines, along with opportunities for internships throughout the city of Chicago. We also focus on developing your total self–intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. At Loyola, you can pursue your highest goals–and reach your maximum potential in everything you do.

Academic Excellence

• 46 Undergraduate majors, 51 minors, 59 master’s degree programs, 36 doctoral and 3 professional degree programs

• Undergraduate degrees: B.A., B.B.A., B.G.I.S., B.S., B.S.Ed., B.A. (Classics), B.S.N.

• Distinguished teaching faculty, 97% with Ph.D.

• Honors programs in all colleges for academically superior students

• Phi Beta Kappa chapter

• Study abroad at Loyola’s Rome Center of Liberal Arts

Our student body • 13,150 total enrollment; 7,411 undergraduates; 1,424 new freshmen

• From 50 states and territories, and 82 countries

• Approximately 28% African American, Asian American, Latin American, and Native American

New Freshman Student Profile (2001)

High School Class Rank

Upper 10% 31%

Upper 25% 65%

Upper 50% 91%

Standardized Test Scores

Mid 50% SAT I Verbal 530-630

Mid 50% SAT I Math 520-630

Mid 50% ACTA 22-27

Freshman Admission

Admission to Loyola University Chicago is competitive and based on the student’s academic transcript, class rank, standardized test scores, and recommendations.

Freshman Priority Processing Deadlines

Priority deadline for scholarship consideration: February 1, 2002

Application for Financial Assistance: March 1, 2002

Application for Honors Program: March 1, 2002

Priority deadline for Application for Freshman Admission: April 1, 2002

Candidates’ Intent to Enroll reply date for freshman applicants to reserve a place in the class: May 1, 2002

Full Semester classes begin August 26, 2002

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

• Loyola offers scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and other alternative financing programs

• Three out of four Loyola student receive some form of financial assistance

• Requirements for academic scholarships available upon request

New Transfer Student Profile (2001)

Transfer students 474

From 2-year schools 252 (53%)

From 4-year schools 222 (47%)

Mean GPA (4-year schools) 3.01

Transfer Admission

Transfer to Loyola University Chicago is based on successful completion of a minimum of 20 transferable semester hours. The entering transfer student should be in good academic standing at the last school attended. Minimum grade point requirements for transfer students vary by academic division.

Transfer Priority Processing Deadlines

Application for Transfer Admission, Spring Semester: December 1, 2001

Application for Transfer Nursing, Fall Semester: February 1, 2002

Application for Financial Assistance, Fall Semester: March 1, 2002

Deadline for Scholarship Consideration April 1, 2002

Application for Transfer Admission (excluding Transfer Nursing), Fall Semester: July 1, 2002

Honors Program

Academically superior new freshman students in all colleges are offered the opportunity to challenge and enhance their intellectual capabilities through the Honors Program.

Pre-Professional Programs
Programs of Study are offered in pre-dentistry, pre-engineering, pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-podiatry, and pre-veterinary medicine. These programs are taken in conjunction with and academic subject area major as listed above.

Special Academic Opportunities
Interdisciplinary programs in: Asian and Asian American Studies; Black World Studies; Catholic Studies; Environmental Studies/Sciences; International Studies; Medieval Studies; Neuroscience; Peace Studies; Psychology of Crime and Justice; Religion, Culture and Society; Rome Studies; and Women’s’ Studies.

Five-year bachelor’s and master’s degree programs: Applied Social Psychology, Biology or Environmental Sciences/M.B.A., Business Administration/Accountancy, Business Administration/Information systems Management, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Environmental Studies/M.B.A., Mathematics, Political Science, Sociology

Dual-degree program in Physics and Engineering

Six-year early admission to Loyola School of Law (3 + 3 program)

Early Assurance Program to Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

Loyola/Midwestern University dual-acceptance pharmacy program

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