Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the Midwest Modern Language Association (M/MLA) is easy. You can become a member by either:

  1. Completing the paper-based membership form and mailing it along with your membership fees to the M/MLA office. OR
  2. Completing the membership form online using our third-party vendor, 123SignUp. To complete your membership online, click the "Join Now" button below.

Membership Fees

Position One Year Membership Two Year Membership Three Year Membership
Full Professor, Administrator $70 $135 $195
Associate Professor $65 $125 $180
Assistant Professor, Schoolteacher $55 $105 $150
Adjunct, Instructor, Lecturer $35 n/a n/a
Student, Independent Scholar, or retired $30 n/a n/a
Joint (same address, one copy of publication) $90 $170 $250
Supporting $85 n/a n/a
Departmental Memberships $70 $120 $190


IMPORTANT: Membership Fees are Non-Refundable.

Membership in the M/MLA is for the calendar year; persons who join between January 1 and June 30 are enrolled as members for the year in which they join. Persons who join between July 1 and December 31 are enrolled as members for the remainder of the following year. Therefore, the association will be enrolling members for 2014 starting July 1, 2013. Payment of membership dues does not constitute payment of the meeting registration fee. For appropriate forms, see the forms page.

Departmental Memberships

The Departmental membership is for the department itself and not the members of the department. Departmental membership is a way for a school to provide support for the work of the MMLA. Departmental members must pay individiual membership fees to be considered active members of the MMLA.

Group Memberships

The MMLA does not provide group memberships for departments or schools. All memberships are either individual or joint for two people.