Membership Benefits

In addition to knowing that you are a part of a dynamic organization, members receive the following benefits:

1. Discount Hotel Rates for Conference Attendees

Individuals attending the 56th Annual MMLA Convention in Detroit, Michigan from November 12-16, 2014, can take advantage of the convention hotel rate at The DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, Detroit/Dearborn. The deadline to receive this special rate is October 22, 2014. For more information, see our hotel information page.

2. Two Issues of the Journal of MMLA

The Journal serves the profession by presenting peer-reviewed essays that advance the body of knowledge.

3. Publishing Opportunities

The MMLA publishes Fall and Spring issues of the Journal of the MMLA and all members of the association are invited and encouraged to submit essays and book reviews to the Journal.

4. Book Review Opportunities

Members are encouraged to have their publishers send their books to the MMLA for review. All new books will be announced on the MMLA website. Members are welcome to request any book listed, providing a curriculum vitae along with the request to ensure the best match between reviewer and subject area.

5. Presentation Opportunities

All members are welcome to submit proposals to chair or organize a session for the MMLA's annual convention. Once the call for papers is announced, members are invited to submit their paper proposals to the approproiate chairs and organizers.

6. Professionalizing Workshops

Each year, the Executive Committee plans several workshop-style sessions that focus on professionalization issues--such as book and article publication, promotion and tenure, writing grant proposals, and negotiating the job market. These sessions typically include several panelists who are at various points in their careers, as well as people in relevant fields (e.g. acquisitions editors of university presses, journal editors, grant-writing officers, and so on). Brief presentations are followed by a lengthy discussion with attendees, in which MMLA members are encouraged to bring whatever questions they might have about these issues.

MMLA 2014 in Detroit will feature two workshops--one on publishing, and one on alt-ac career decisions and trajectories.

In addition, the convention's CV workshop will be available exclusively to individuals whose departments have become MMLA members. Location information and hours will be listed in the program; members are encouraged to sign up for a time slot (sign-up sheets available outside the room door) to take advantage of individual attention to revising their CVs from Executive Committee members with plenty of search committee experience.


7. Fellowship Opportunity for PhD Students

Along with the Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois, the MMLA provides a short-term fellowship for Ph.D. candidates or post-doctoral scholars that supports work in residence at the Newberry for one month. An applicant's MMLA membership must be current at the time of application and through the period of the fellowship. For more information, click here.

8. Advertising Opportunities

Take advantage of the journal's broad readership to announce your own book. The Journal of the M/MLA offers a special advertising rate to members with books completed during the last year or about to appear. A modest $100 and a print-ready file will buy a full-page ad.