M/MLA Short-term Fellowship

2009 Fellowship Recipient

The 2009 M/MLA Short-term Fellowship is Michael Genovese from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. During his time at the Newberry Library, Mr. Genovese will be working on the second chapter of his dissertation, "Sociable Currency: The Expansive Self of Eighteenth-Century British Literature."

His work argues that eighteenth-century literature foregrounds the self as interrational, rather than individual, to extend the value of socialability over a rapidly expanding nation. Scholarship on the period tends to distinguish between different types of relationships by opposing self-interested, possessive individualism with sympathy, or fellow-feeling. In contrast, his dissertation demonstrates that literature actually resisted this division by establishing the self through relations with strangers that were at once both financial and sentimental.

Mr. Genovese will use the resources at the Newberry to complete his chapter on the overlap of sentimental and economic language in agricultural writing.