Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Dr. D. Scott Hendrickson, SJ DPhil

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Graduate Program Director

Email: dhendrickson@luc.edu

Research Interests

  • The Spanish Golden Age
  • Religious art and literature of early modern Spain 
  • Jesuit spiritual and devotional texts
  • The history of printing in Spain and Latin America 
  • Cervantes and the Quijote 

Select Publications and Presentations

  • Jesuit Polymath of Madrid: The Literary Enterprise of Juan Eusebio Nieremberg (1595-1658) (Leiden-Boston: Brill, 2015)
  • “Early Guaraní Printing: Nieremberg’s De la diferencia and the Transmission of Seventeenth-Century Iberian Asceticism,” in Legacies of the Book , ed. by Antoni Ucerler and Xiaoxin Wu (Leiden: Brill, pending 2015)
  • "Empresarios y mercaderes en el tiempo barroco: los jesuitas y la misión pedagógica," in Empresas y empresarios en tiempos de barroco (Actas de las conferencias / Escuela de Barroco), ed. by Antonio-Miguel Bernal Rodríguez (Seville: Fundación Focus-Abengoa, 2014): 37-43. 
  • “A Jesuit Catechism: Aspects of Discernment in Juan Eusebio Nieremberg’s Doctrina Christiana (1640),” in Los jesuitas: religión, política y educación (siglos xvi-xviii), ed. by José Martínez Millán, Henar Pizarro Llorente, and Esther Jiménez Pablo, 3 vols (Madrid: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 2012): ii, 1,221-36.
  • “The engaño made sacred in ‘Las bodas de Camacho’ (Don Quijote, part ii), Cervantes Colloquium, Loyola University Chicago, 23 April 2014
  • “Delight in Death: Juan Eusebio Nieremberg’s Partida a la eternidad (1643),” Oxford Graduate Symposium in Spanish Golden Age Studies, University of Oxford, 21 Jan. 2012
  • “Discerning the Spirits in a Jesuit Catechism: Juan Eusebio Nieremberg’s Doctrina Christiana (1640),” Symposium, Balliol College Oxford, 20-21 May 2011
  • “Literature and Mission: Nieremberg’s De la diferencia and the Appeal of Seventeenth-century Spanish asceticism,” Modern Languages Spanish Seminar, Taylorian Institute Oxford, 3 May 2011
  • Bajeza and hermosura: Imaging the World in the Ascetical Treatises of Nieremberg,” Graduate Symposium in Spanish Golden Age Studies, University of Oxford, 16 Jan. 2010
  • “La Verdad del engaño en La Celestina,” Congreso Internacional de Literatura Hispánica, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, 11-15 March 2005
  • “Violencia y dignidad en Prisión Verde,” Missouri Philological Association, Kansas City, Missouri, 26-28 Feb. 2004

Published Translations

  • Barreto Jimeno, Pedro. "Courage: Regional Jesuit Apostolic Cooperation," Jesuits 2003 (Rome: General Curia, 2002): 83-84.
  • Dinelly, Miranda. “Lightweight Chivalry of Yesterday, Itinerant Team Today,” Jesuits 2004 (Rome:
  • General Curia, 2003): 97-102.
  • Iglesias, Ignacio. “Is the Society of Jesus What it Once Was?,” Jesuits 2006 (Rome: General Curia, 2005): 36-37.
  • López, Francisco. “Padre Piquer: a place of opportunity,” Jesuits 2007 (Rome: General Curia, 2006): 26-30.
  • Mercieca, Eddie. “Continuing Formation in Spiritual Direction,” Review of Ignatian Spirituality, 36 (2005): 99-101.
  • Petty, Miguel. “The Catholic University of Córdoba,” Jesuits 2004 (Rome: General Curia, 2003): 56-57.
  • Rodríguez Osorio, Hermann. “Spiritual Accompaniment during the Spiritual Exercises According to St. Ignatius,” Review of Ignatian Spirituality, 36 (2005): 71-93.
  • Salomón, Uriel. “Vocation Promotion in the Amazon,” Jesuits 2006 (Rome: General Curia, 2005): 132-34.
  • Tampe, Eduardo. “The Churches of Chiloé: Patrimony of Humanity,” Jesuits 2003, (Rome: General Curia, 2002): 133-35.
  • Tejeda, Hanglet. “A Transforming Adventure: Loyola Excursion Center,” Jesuits 2007 (Rome: General Curia,2006): 124-25.  

Simultaneous Translation and Interpretation

  • World Assembly of CLC, Beirut, Lebanon (29 July-11 August 2013)
  • Congregation of Jesuit Procurators, Nairobi, Kenya (7-15 July, 2012)
  • General Assembly of European Jesuit Provincials, Bad Schönbrunn, Switzerland (17-20 Oct, 2010)
  • General Assembly of European Jesuit Provincials, Mosta, Malta (17-20 Oct, 2009)
  • General Assembly of European Jesuit Provincials, Gdynia, Poland (21-23 Oct, 2007)
  • General Assembly of European Jesuit Provincials, Ludwigshafen, Germany (22-25 Oct, 2006)
  • International Conference on Ignatian Spirituality, Loyola, Spain (20-26 Oct, 2006)


  • DPhil, Spanish literature, Oxford University, 2013 
  • Licenciatura, Estudios Eclesiásticos, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 2008
  • MA, Hispanic Studies, New York University, 2002
  • MA, Spanish Literature, Bowling Green State University, 1997

Courses Regularly Taught at Loyola 

  • Spanish composition and conversation 
  • Introduction to Spanish literature 
  • Golden Age Theatre
  • Don Quijote
  • Spanish culture and civilization
  • Spanish mystics

Professional Memberships and Activities 

  • Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Modern Language Association 
  • Cervantes Society of America 
  • Renaissance Society of America 
  • MMLA

Curriculum Vitae