Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Departmental Policies and Forms

Please note that locker rentals and practice rooms are for currently enrolled Loyola students only.

Locker Rentals

Locks and lockers are provided free of charge to all DFPA students (enrolled in a DFPA class or a major/minor).

  • DFPA students must fill out the Music/Theatre Lock & Locker Usage Agreement form.
  • After form is completed, student will find an open locker on the 1st floor of Mundelein
  • Desk staff will provide a working lock that matches agreement form lock number (listed on top right of form; forms are in numerical order. Find lock first, then match locker to form number)
  • Desk staff will write locker combination on small post-it note and give it to student with lock
  • Please note that THTR lockers need to be specially identified, so that it is not confused with a music locker.

Practice Rooms

  • DFPA students (music majors, theatre majors, musical theatre minors, and students enrolled in music courses) are allowed to use practice rooms on the 1st and 10th floors for free, while non-DFPA students must pay $30 per term to receive access to practice rooms.
  • We do not offer practice room access to non-Loyola students, including alumni.
  • We only provide access to the 1st floor to registered piano students, and they will receive a special PIN number after the add/drop period for classes. These rooms are specially reserved for piano students unless other reservations or arrangements have been made through music faculty.
  • Contact the Director of Music for any inquiries. All forms are located at the Mundelein Information Desk.

Space Reservation Information

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts has a number of specialized classroom spaces, rehearsal rooms, studios and conference rooms that can be requested for your use.

  • Requests from DFPA faculty/staff for space reservations for rehearsal spaces (MUND 125, MUND 409 and RAA 210 (Dance Studio) and performance spaces (Newhart Family Theatre, Underground Theatre and the Skowronski Music Hallshould be forwarded to April Browning, as well as if you are planning an event that would have a public audience (outside of students in a class).
  • Any additional requests, especially for the scheduling of applied music lessons, are handled by the Director of Music.
  • Requests for Reservations for official DFPA business for non-DFPA spaces should be sent to the Office Assistant. These spaces may not be available as they need to be booked through the university system 25Live. 
  • All DFPA meetings, rehearsals, classes, and other related events (i.e. events in Mundelein Auditorium) are organized on this calendar and can be reserved. To make a reservation, click on the "Requesting Space?" button at the top of the left hand side of the calendar.