Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Faculty and Staff

Ida Androwich, PhD, RN, BC, FAAN

Title/s: Professor

Office #: Building 125, Room 4527, HSD

Phone: 708.216.9276

E-mail: iandrow@luc.edu

Research Interests

My program of research is in the area of optimizing technology to improve nursing care, specifically by enhancing information systems with standard terminology and evidence-based content to support decision making and work flow. I am presently involved in four projects: 

  1. As a member of AAN's Workforce Commission, I am on research team for a national study funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (Technology Targets) to examine technology requirements to improve the nursing workforce. The research is currently in the data analysis phase. (I am on data analysis subcommittee with Pam Cipriano, Pat Moritz and Carole Gassert).
  2. Implementation and data collection phase on a research project supported by Siemens and Zynx Health to examine the integration of evidence-based content into the electronic medical record at Pinnacle Health systems in Harrisburg, PA. My role is evaluation consultant.
  3. Publication phase of a recently completed study on time and motion in medication administration (N=1023 unique medication administrations). The study was partially funded by Appalachian Regional Health Systems and Alpha Beta Chapter of STT.  (This study was conducted with two graduate students (Erika Elganzouri and Cynthia Standish) and has been replicated at two other institutions.  Results have been presented at NDNQI, MNRS, STTI (Austria) and STT (Baltimore) and will be presented in June at the International Nursing Informatics Conference in Helsinki, Finland.
  4. Research team member in data collection and analysis phase of the Job Satisfaction, Work Climate, Unit Effectiveness, and Staff Nurse Retention Study, with Fran Vlasses (PI).  This research was funded by AONE Seed Grant. The major aims of this study are to examine the relationship between the level of academic preparation of nurse managers and staff job satisfaction, unit effectiveness, work climate, control over practice and retention outcomes and to test the feasibility of doing a large multi-site web based study with community hospitals. 

Current Funding: 
HRSA Training Grants: 
$979,166 - Advanced Practice Nursing: Health Systems Management (2001-2004) (PI). (A. Porter, Co-PI) 
$547,832 - APN: Health Systems Management Competing Continuation (with Marquette Univ.) (2004-2006) (PI). 
$913,505 - Population-based Infection Control & Environmental Safety (2004-2007) (PI).

Past Funding: 
$17,800 NINR Funding for Iowa Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) Implementation Study (subcontract with Univ. of IA) $4.983 Palmer & SON Research Council funding for Nursing Minimum Data Set in Ambulatory Care (PI) Internal Evaluation Consultant & Steering Committee, (W. Barron- PI) $295,211 LUHS IAIMS Planning Grant (2000-2002).

Professional & Community Affiliations

Peer Reviewer/Abstract Reviewer: 
HRSA Advanced Practice Nursing Grants (1999, 2004, 2005, 2006); Sage Publishers. (Book proposal) Conducting an Integrated Literature Review; American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA); International Medical Informatics Association Nursing Group (IMIA).

Editorial Board: 
CINAHL Online Journal for Clinical Innovations

National Committees: 
American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Information Data Systems Evaluation Center (NIDSEC) (appointed committee member; American Academy of Nursing (AAN) Nursing Informatics Expert Panel (co-chair); appointed Commissioner on Technology Workforce Commission-2004; American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Technology Advisory Committee -2005.

Selected Publications

Recent Publications: 
Danko, A., Kennedy, R., Haskell, R., Androwich, I, et al. (2003). Modeling nursing Interventions in the act class using HL7 RIM Version 3, Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

Recent Presentations: 
Androwich, I. (2005) Advances in Nursing Terminology: A View from the Summit. Panel on Applications of Informatics. American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium, Washington, DC. October 24, 2005. 

Vanderbilt University National Nursing Vocabulary Summit, Summit Steering Committee (1999-present) 
University of Michigan School of Nursing HANDS Project (2001-present).