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Karen L. Saban, PhD, RN, APRN, CNRN
Title:Associate Professor
Office #:Building 125 Room 2524, Health Sciences Campus
E-mail: ksaban@luc.edu
CV Link:

Research Interests

The experience of patients and their families with stroke, traumatic brain injury, physiological biomarkers of the stress response, adaptation, and quality of life measurement.

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Special Honors:

Fellow, Institute of Medicine of Chicago

Professional & Community Affiliations

Manuscript Reviewer:

Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

Quality of Life Research


Saban, K.L, Mathews, H.L., O’Brien, T., Bryant, F. B. & Witek Janusek, L. (2012). Depressive Symptoms and Diurnal Salivary Cortisol Patterns Among Female Caregivers of Stroke Survivors. Biological Research for Nursing. Published online ahead of print.

Saban, K.L. & Hogan, N.S. (2012). Women Caregivers of Stroke Survivors: Coping and Adapting to a Life That Once Was. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.44 (1) 2-14.

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Saban, K.L., Smith, B., Collins, E. & Pape, T.L. (2011). Gender Differences in Life Satisfaction and Functional Status One-Year after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Women’s Health.20 (2), 179-186. doi: 10.1089.

DeVon, H., Saban, K.L.  & Garrett, D.K. (2011). For Women Only: Recognizing and Responding to Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke.  Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing. 40 (3), 372-82. Awarded 2011 Council on Cardiovascular Nursing Clinical Article of the Year Award

Saban, K.L., Bryant, F.B., Stroupe, K., Reda, D. & Hynes, D.M. (2010). Measurement Invariance of the Kidney Disease and Quality of Life Instrument (KDQOL-SF) across Veterans and Non-Veterans. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 8:120 (25 October 2010 doi: 10.1186/1477-7525-8-120.

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Saban, K.L., Penckofer, S.M., Androwich, I. & Bryant, F.B. (2007). Quality of life of patients undergoing selected types of lumbar spinal surgery: A pilot study.  Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 5:71 (28 December 2007).

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Wohns, R.N, Saban, K.L, Malick, A, Berinti, F., Perez-Cruet, M.J.  (2006). Establishing a minimally invasive spine center. In M. J. Perez Cruet, L. Khoo & R. Fessler (Eds).  An Anatomical Approach to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (pp. 165-205). St. Louis: Quality Medical Publishing.

Ghaly, R.F, Saban, K., Haley, D & Ross, R. (2000).  Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery: Report of patient satisfaction. Neurological Research, 22 (6), 551-5.


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