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About the Team 
At the core of Ramble Outdoors are the student facilitators.  This dedicated team of students is trained and equipped to deliver the program’s experiences (clinics, workshops, challenge course experiences, 1st year orientation trips, etc).  During their first year with the program, students must select either the Challenge Course or Outdoor Experiences track.  After the first year, students can serve on both teams. 

How to Get Involved 
No experience is necessary!  All that is required is the willingness to take a risk.  Most students come with little to no outdoor experience.  You can participate in our SF Outdoor Leadership Workshop or, if you have a significant amount of previous experience, email Paul Miller at pmiller2@luc.edu to request an application.

Ramble Outdoors Volunteers (ROVers)
Another way to be involved is to join the Ramble Outdoor Volunteer Team. Unlike the Student Facilitation Team, this team has a minimal commitment but with some of the same benefits. Download the Volunteer Core Team Manual for more information.

The Outdoor Leadership Facilitation Workshop 
The workshop is an excellent way to acquire the skills, knowledge and abilities required to be hired as a student facilitator.  For more information and to apply, download the ‌‌SFT Outdoor Leadership Workshop 2016 (PDF).

You might be interested in the workshop if you . . . 
• want to develop transferable leadership skills
• want to learn how to take care of yourself in the great outdoors and facilitate groups
• have the time and ability to manage a significant commitment
• are responsible, energetic, and committed to service
• are open to learning about themselves, others, and the nature of groups

 Student Facilitation Team

Ann Burns

Annie Burns is majoring in both Management and Theology and is planning to graduate in 2016.  She is from Hinckley, OH, and says that she works at the Challenge Course because 'I love engaging students as members of a group or community & watching the growth that they experience together on the Challenge Course. It is a privilege to facilitate & witness that each weekend.'  About her bucket list travel experiences, she says, 'I hope to someday walk the Camino de Santiago.  It is an ancient pilgrimage route that extends across France and Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela, where the remains of St. James are buried.'  In Chicago, Annie describes the St. James Chapel in the Quigley Center as a hidden gem - 'The stained glass is gorgeous!'  

Her favorite quote?  'To believe in God is not just to love life, but to work so there is life.'

Hannah Helminiak

Hannah Helminiak is an Environmental Studies and Anthropology major.  She is from Arlington Heights, IL, and will graduate in 2016.  Hannah works at the Challenge Course 'to bring people closer together as one unit, to provide a safe space to discuss and work out differences, and to get people more in tune with nature in the meantime.'  Her bucket list travel experience is to backpack across Europe.  Her favorite Chicago event is learning cultural dances in Grant Park in the summer.  

Her favorite quote?  'Short term pain for long term gain.'

Hannah Krumbhaar

Hannah Krumbhaar is working on a Master of Social Work, and will graduate in 2016.  She is from Paoli, PA, and is excited about working at the Challenge Course.  She says, 'I am passionate about giving people the tools to grow self-awareness and foster confidence within a safe space.  The outdoors as a learning tool is unlike any other context to be a leader.'  Her bucket list travel experience is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Lake Shore path is her favorite part of Chicago.  

Her favorite quote?  'We only learn who we are by knowing others.' 

Rogelio Realzola  

Rogelio Realzola will graduate in 2016 with a Biology major and an Exercise Science minor.  Rogelio is from Dundee, IL, and works at the Challenge Course because he enjoys 'helping people push through mental and physical barriers that they have.  Facilitating allows me to help grow a person in many ways.'  His bucket list travel experiences it to go to Alaska and explore the icy frontier.  In Chicago, Rogelio's favorite landmark is the Sears Tower - 'Yes, the SEARS Tower.' 

His favorite quote: 'The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right.'

Victor Schneider

Victor Schneider is a Biology major with a Music and a Philosophy minor from Cincinnati, OH, expecting to graduate in 2015.  He enjoys working at the Challenge Course because 'this work allows me to help others learn about the practical side of Ignatian pedagogical paradigm in the outdoors while furthering my own understanding of leadership and community!'  Reflecting on his travel experiences, he says that 'lately I've not been focused on the location as much as the quality of the experience.  I've traveled my fair share, but where I'd like to go next is my grandma's lakehouse in Kentucky.'  While in Chicago, Victor likes Lake Michigan - 'it's a spiritual grounding point for me.'  

His favorite quote: 'I know that I know nothing.' - Plato's Socrates 

Conrad Stasieluk

Conrad Stasieluk majors in Biology and minors in Chemistry and will graduate in 2015.  He works at the Challenge Course because 'there is nothing more rewarding than seeing an individual, who doubted their ability to succeed, go out and absolutely dominate a challenge we proposed.  We all have it in us.  I, simply, help others to realize it'.  Conrad also says, 'I would love to go to Alaska, live in a cabin for awhile, and explore the great outdoors there (with a pet husky, of course)'.  A Chicago native, his favorite Chicago landmark is Millenium Park because 'it is a great little green niche in the city.' 

His favorite quote: 'People know what they do; frequently they know why they do what they do; but what they don't know if what what they do does.' - Michael Foucault 

Nicky van Almelo

Nicky van Almelo comes to Loyola from Los Angeles, CA, and is majoring in Physics and Engineering.  Nicky sees his role in Outdoor Experiences as 'an opportunity to  enjoy the outdoors world, share it with others, and progress as a leader personally.'  He tells us that 'my bucket list is too large to fill infinitely - let's just say travelling is just one large aspect of my goals in life.' 

His favorite quote: 'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they shall never sit in' - General Iroh

‌‌Ryan Young

Ryan Young, coming from his hometown of Salinas, CA, is a Criminal Justice major and Entrepreneurship minor.  Ryan works with Ramble Outdoors because it 'gives me the opportunity to take something that I am passionate about and to share that in a way that leads to a deeper connections to self, others, and the world.'  Asked about his bucket list travel experience, Ryan says, 'I would love to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from south to north, and then bike across the US from Seattle to New York all in one extended trip.'  While in Chicago, he wants to participate in the Chicago Perimeter Ride, a 100 mile ride around the city limits, while visiting landmarks along the way.  

His favorite quote: 'Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity . . .' - John Muir

 Questions?  outdoors@luc.edu