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Whether you are apartment searching within the university district or hoping to connect with a potential roommate, acclimating to apartment living poses a new set of challenges and opportunities in college. We have a number of resources and programs to help you in your journey to make this new chapter of your college experience a positive one. More details on upcoming programs will be available Fall 2016. ‌‌

All sophomores and juniors planning to live off campus during the 2017-2018 academic year are required to attend an Off-Campus Living Seminar.


Students will be contacted during the spring 2017 semester with information regarding our online seminar. Students seeking to live off-campus will be required to complete the training during a designated two week period. 

If you have questions about the Off-Campus Living Seminar requirement, email us at goodneighbor@luc.edu.


The Off-Campus Housing Fair is held during the spring semester and features several landlords and property management companies with a variety of rental properties in the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. Students are encouraged to come prepared in order to effectively communicate their off campus housing needs.

Details on our Spring 2017 Off-Campus Housing Fair will be posted this coming winter. 

Loyola University Chicago requires all non-residential students to update their "Local Off-Campus" address in LOCUS by the first day of each term. This information helps the University to respond in the event of an emergency. It also aids the University in addressing complaints regarding off-campus residences. Failure to provide the University with a valid local address may be processed as a violation of University policy. Providing false or inaccurate information may also be processed as a violation of University policy. Address updates must be completed in the LOCUS system.

Individual meetings can be scheduled with an OCSL staff member. Staff will meet with students individually or in small groups to answer questions and discuss concerns about their rights and responsibilities living off-campus and/or landlord issues. To schedule an appointment e-mail goodneighbor@luc.edu or call 773.508.8660 to talk with a staff member.