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USCIS Site visits for H-1B workers

This is to inform you that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is conducting unannounced visits to the work place of a number of employers that sponsor H1B employees. The purpose of these visits is to verify that a legitimate H1B employment opportunity exists, the validity of the information that LUC has provided in the immigration petitions, and whether the sponsored international employee is working in compliance with the terms of his/her status in the U.S.  If your department is subject to one of these visits, the officer will likely ask to speak with the OIP departmental contact person (Mary Theis, 773-508-3899) and/or the international employee at the employee’s place of employment on campus.

The officer may ask questions regarding the number of H1B employees within the department, the job title and responsibilities of the employee, and the employee’s education, previous employment, salary, residence and family members in the U.S.  The officer may also want to view the employer’s premises and/or see the employee’s work area.  The officer may want to take pictures.  Site visits may pertain to immigration petitions that are pending or to those that have already been approved.

The following are some recommendations in preparing for a potential USCIS site visit.

If you have any questions or concerns about compliance during a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact OIP.  Mary Theis, 773-508-3899, mtheis@luc.edu  


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