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Previous Trips

Faculty and Staff Global Immersions began in January 2006 when university leadership (Presidents Council and Council of Deans) traveled in two groups to El Salvador and Peru for interaction with representatives of local academic, political, and religious communities. The trips brought into sharper focus a broad set of questions about how Loyola understands its responsibilities and opportunities in the contemporary world and how, in light of these responsibilities and opportunities, it prepares and supports its own personnel for leadership of the academic community.

Building on the 2006 immersions for university leaders, University Mission and Ministry partnered with International Programs to broaden the program for 2007. Forty-eight university faculty and staff were divided into four groups for visits to Mexico, East Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Vice presidents and deans nominated colleagues for the trips. Of the 166 persons nominated, nearly 100 attended preliminary information sessions and submitted letters of interest. With a view towards creating a mix of departments, schools, divisions, gender, and faculty and staff, four groups of approximately 10 persons each were chosen to participate in each trip.

The immersions have continued with spring 2008 trips to Peru, East Africa, and Vietnam and a winter 2009 trip to East Africa.  Be sure to check out the photos and experiences of these groups!

Previous Trips

Description of Past Immersion Program

Vietnam (May 24 - June 3, 2011)


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and surrounding areas

Focus of the program:

Over the course of 10 days, participants will explore one of South East Asia’s most dynamic countries and help build Loyola’s capacity in sustainable development initiatives in this vibrant and increasingly
important region of the world.  Visits will be coordinated by the staff at Loyola’s Representative Office in Vietnam. Of special importance will be visits to Loyola’s educational partners in Vietnam, briefings on current Loyola projects, and visits to important cultural and historical sites in and around the city.  We will plan several excursions outside the city.

In preparation for each immersion, you will be invited to participate in several preparatory sessions.  We expect all participants to join these sessions, as important and specific information about each trip and its purpose will be offered.  On your return from these trips, you will be expected to attend follow-up reflection sessions.  


Dec 31, 2010 Last day to submit letter of intent
Jan 7, 2011 Participant selection
Jan 25, 2011 Intro to immersion trips & process for development of goals

- Lunch will be provided
- Group introductions
- Introduction to Loyola's work in Vietnam by Patrick Boyle
- Introduction of consultant Zinta Konrad and initial discussion 
   of goals development
Feb 7-23, 2011 First individual discussion of goals with Zinta Konrad
Feb 24, 2011 Meeting of the group (830am - 10am)

- Breakfast will be provided
- Vietnam cultural presentation
- Initial discussion of itinerary and travel
Mar 7-23, 2011 Second individual discussion of goals with Zinta Konrad
Mar 10, 2011 Optional Vietnam Movie
Apr 6, 2011 Travel orientation & group discussion (830am-10am)

- Breakfast will be provided
- Vietnam cultura presentation
- Each participant will discuss with the group their individual goals
Apr 14, 2011 Optional Vietnam Movie
May 6, 2011         Finalization of itinerary & travel preparation (830am-10am)

- Breakfast will be provided
- Meeting with director of Loyola Vietnam Center
May 12, 2011           Optional Vietnam Movie
May, 2011 Optional language sessions (dates to be determined)
May 24, 2011 Departure from Chicago for Ho Chi Minh City
Jun 3, 2011 Return to Chicago from Ho Chi Minh City
Jun 5, 2011 Post-trip debriefing dinner in Chicago
Fall, 2011 Follow-up session (dates to be determined)

- Brown bag discussions
- Presentations
- Social gathering

Additional Information:

How to Apply


Deadline: Letters of intent are due by December 31st and will be reviewed by January 7th.

Health and Safety

If you have been accepted for an immersion trip, please review the State Department and Center for Disease Control websites for the country you will be visiting.

We recommend making an appointment to receive suggested inoculations and medications.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Travel Clinic

201 E. Huron, 9th Floor, Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 926-3155  


Each of these trips will go to destinations where climate and elevation could pose some health related challenges.  Prudence suggests that each participant consult with their own physician to determine the likelihood that these conditions will not pose any undue stress.