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On April 28, 1926, fifteen premedical students at the University of Alabama met with Dr. Jack Montgomery, premedical advisor and professor of organic chemistry, to formalize the organization of a new premedical honor society. Baylor University, Samford University, The University of Texas, and the University of South Carolina established chapters in 1928/29. At the first national convention at the University of Alabama on April 18, 1930, ten members representing five chapters and one petitioning group were in attendance. From these modest beginnings, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) has today become the world's largest Honor Society exclusively serving premedical education, with a membership exceeding 124,000 in 174 chapters. In 1949, AED was incorporated in the State of Michigan. In February 1962, the Society was reincorporated in the District of Columbia as a non-profit, educational organization.

The mission of the Society is to encourage and recognize excellence in pre-health scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-health education; to promote communication between medical and pre-health students and educators; to provide a forum for students with common interests; and to use its resources to benefit health organizations, charities and the community.


AED functions both as an Honor Society and service organization. This dual role is reflected in the societal structure and chapter activities.

Government-The business of the Society is conducted by the National Officers, Regional Directors, and active chapters, with authorization of the national convention. The National Officers are elected by the official delegates at national convention for a two-year term and serve without remuneration. The Regional Directors assist the National Officers with chapter installations, contacts and visits, conventions, and scholarship programs. The delegates elect each Regional Director for a two-year term at the national convention from chapters in the appropriate region. General administration of Society activities is conducted through the office of the National Secretary.

Chapters- Chapters may be established in four-year degree-granting accredited colleges and universities. The process requires submission of a petition to the National President, following the outline provided by the National Office, and approval by three-fourths of the chapters in the region. You are invited to contact the National Office for information regarding chapter establishment.

National Convention-The national convention, held biennially, is the governing body of AED. Each member is invited to attend and participate in its program. The National Officers, with the cooperation of the host chapter and Regional Director, arrange the place, date and program of the convention. One official delegate represents each active chapter at the convention. The official chapter delegates constitute the voting members at the business sessions during the convention.

Affiliations-AED is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. 


Membership in AED is an honor bestowed upon a student in recognition of superior scholastic achievement, and affords an opportunity to develop initiative, leadership, and self-education through participation in the activities of the chapter and Society.

The roster of the Society consists of active members, active alumni, and honorary members who are duly elected by an active chapter. Upon registration in the National Offcie by the chapter, the National Secretary issues a membership card, membership certificate, a copy of the Bulletin of Information, and the Constitution and Bylaws to each new member.

An Active Member of AED is a student who is preparing for a career in a medical profession, has completed at least three semesters (five quarters) of premedical work in college with the minimum scholastic requirements as described in the Constitution, has been initiated into the Society by an active chapter, paid the national membership fee of $75.00 and has been registered with the National Office. Biannually, active members will receive a copy of THE SCALPEL, the official journal of the society.

A member in good standing may transfer membership by requesting their original chapter to file a transferal form with the National Secretary.

An Active Alumnus Member is a member of an educational or professional field involving science or medicine, who has been initiated into the Society by an active chapter, paid the national membership fee and has been registered with the National Office.
Honorary Member is an eminent scientist or educator whose nomination for membership has been presented by the chapter to the National Officers and approved. Membership becomes effective when the nominee has been duly initiated into the Society by an active chapter, paid the national membership fee and has been registered with the National Office.

Any active member of AED becomes an alumnus member upon graduation. Alumni members are encouraged to attend and participate in the national convention, to hold national office and contribute to the advancement of the Society.


Chapter activities include meetings, where the subjects of interest and concern to students are presented by faculty members, physicians, and personnel from professional schools; freshmen orientation meetings; multimedia presentations; premedical career days for high school seniors and other guidance counselors; and other beneficial projects. In addition, chapters are encouraged to participate in campus and community programs, e.g., American Red Cross.

To encourage excellence in scholarship and stimulate interest in membership, many chapters have established various awards. The Society sponsors the Moore and the Alumni Scholarship Programs.



THE SCALPEL, the official journal of the Society, is published twice annually. General and narrative articles on specific phases of professional education--along with chapter letters, news items, alumni notes, photographs, and other material--are solicited for publication.


The funds of our Society are devoted to the support of the membership. A portion of this revenue is utilized to provide members with their credentials. These fees are also used to fund the national convention, Society publications and scholarship programs.

AED appreciates the support--financial and otherwise--it receives from its benefactors.


The AED National Office is located on the campus of James Madison University, under the direction of the National Secretary. This office is responsible for conducting the business of the organization and can be accessed daily during business hours. The office serves the membership, chapter advisors, and national officers with information and materials; it functions as a resource center for anyone associated with or interested in AED.

Alpha Epsilon Delta
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James Madison University
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Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Telephone: (504) 568-2594
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E-mail: aed@jmu.edu
Website: AED National Website

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