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AJCU-CITM Reunión 2003

Readings in the CIO Leadership Series from The Edutech Report

With permission from Linda Fleit, publisher of The Edutech Report, we are making available for the AJCU-CITM group and our colleagues at the Jesuit schools in AUSJAL, recent articles from the CIO Leadership Series. The Edutech Report is a monthly publication of Edutech International.

We want to acknowledge the generosity of Edutech International for permission to make available these materials and for their use in our discussions and presentations at our meeting at ITESO.

Unless indicated otherwise, the following articles were written by the editorial staff of The Edutech Report.

  • Who Owns This Stuff?  in the  January 2003 issue.
    All suffering information systems have one thing in common: nobody has a good answer for the question, "Who owns this thing, anyway?" It's the CIO's responsibility to see that the question gets resolved long before it is asked in a crisis.  . . . 

    Another article of interest in this issue is Learning from SEVIS.

  • In There for the Long Haul  in the  December 2002 issue.
    Around the country, at colleges and universities of all kinds and sizes, are some CIOs who have been in place quite successfully for ten or more years. What are the secrets of their long runs? . . . 

    Another article of interest in this issue is All Those Systems.

  • When You Are New   in the  November 2002 issue.
    Congratulations! You've just begun your new CIO job. You are happy. Everyone is glad to welcome you. For just a while the present seems more important than the future.  . . .

    Another article of interest in this issue is Reducing Costs.

  • Evaluating and Prioritizing ITS Projects  in the October 2002 issue, by Diane Barbour, Rochester Institute of Technology.
    The framework for planning and carrying out information technology projects has not yet become a fixture in higher education management. CIOs still need to build that structure on their campuses to create the conditions for successful projects. . . .

    Another article of interest in this issue is The Campus Gray Market in IT.

  • Are You Good With Money  in the September 2002 issue.
    A CIO just simply has to be good with money. At a minimum, this means sound budget management -- staying within the limits, making proper adjustments as needed and, of course, forecasting and planning well for next year's version. . . .

    Another article of interest in this issue is Hot Issues 2002: The High and the Low.

  • How to Talk About Outsourcing -- Without Losing Your Head  in the August 2002 issue.
    What does a CIO do when someone suggests outsourcing the entire IT operation? . . .

    Another article of interest in this issue is If Information Technology Reports to You.

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