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Post Award Process

[Also see the Principal Investigator Handbook, produced by ORS and SPA.]

Upon receipt of an award document, the Office of Research Services (ORS) reviews the terms and conditions, the budget, and other aspects of the award for acceptability.  Factors that generally are taken into consideration include:

In some cases, negotiation with the sponsor may be necessary before an award can be accepted.  ORS will consult with PIs and keep them informed of any negotiations.  ORS may also consult with other units within the university as needed (e.g., General Counsel, Purchasing, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Risk Management).

After the award had been accepted, ORS uploads it to the PTAP (along with the approved budget, if different from proposed) and notifies Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) that an accounting unit (AU) for the project, allowing expenditures of grant/contract funds, can now be established. Click here for a listing and explanation of account codes that are typically used in grant AUs to record expenditures."  Click here for a listing of whom to contact if you have questions about administering your grant.

In order for an accounting unit to be established the faculty principal investigator (PI) or project director (PD) is responsible for providing the following to ORS:

If you are certain that you will be receiving funding, but the official award notice has not yet arrived, you can request that an Accounting Unit be established in advance of the official notice being received, by using the form available here. You can use the same form if your award is from a federal agency that allows pre-award costs to be incurred.

SPA is responsible for the financial administration of grants and contracts including invoicing and financial reporting.

ORS is responsible for continuing contact with sponsors regarding changes such as: PI/PD changes, changes in the scope of work, budget revisions, changes in the award amount or timetable, including no cost extensions. Requests to sponsors for changes may be initiated by PIs/PDs. Official requests should be signed by the PI/PD and the Associate Provost for Research (in ORS). Faculty are encouraged to work with program officers of sponsors to alert them to the need for changes.

The PI/PD is responsible for conducting the project in accordance with the highest professional standards and for assuring that the project is executed as proposed in the application for funding. The PI/PD is also responsible for adherence to University regulations as well as the terms and conditions of the award, assuring the appropriateness of expenditures, documenting any cost share that is required, and submitting progress reports to the sponsor (copy to ORS) as required by the terms of the award.

With respect to documenting cost share, such documentation is to be submitted to SPA allowing enough time for SPA to confirm and certify those costs.  Please allow at least five business days for that review process!


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