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Gender-Based Misconduct (Title IX)

Loyola has a responsibility to respond quickly and effectively to address sexual misconduct and any other conduct that is motivated by sex, gender, or gender-expression and that creates a hostile environment for Loyola Students. Members of the university community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from gender-based misconduct.

What is gender-based misconduct?

  1. All forms of dating violence and sexual misconduct as defined in the Community Standards
  2. Stalking
  3. Any misconduct where the complainant is targeted because of sex, gender, or gender expression

What are my options for reporting gender-based misconduct to the University?

  • EthicsLine: Hotline (855.603.6988) or website (www.luc.edu/ethicsline). Reports go directly to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator, and students can expect a follow-up within three days
  • Title IX Deputy Coordinator: http://www.luc.edu/hr/titlenine.shtml
  • Reporting to Faculty or Staff: OSCCR is an excellent resource for reporting gender-based misconduct. Additional resources include Campus Safety (773.508.6039), the Wellness Center (773.508.2530), the Dean of Students (773.508.3852), and any faculty or staff members with an “I’m Here for You” sticker (for complete list, see http://www.luc.edu/ccrt)
  • Anonymous Reporting: Anonymous reports—where the identity of the person reporting is never shared—can be reported through EthicsLine. Anonymous reporting limits the ability of the University to respond to and address incidents when the identity of the harmed party remains unknown

What confidential resources are available if I don’t want to submit a report to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator at Loyola?

On Campus:

Off Campus:

  • Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline (888.293.2080)
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.4673)
  • Wellness Center Non-Emergency Advocacy Line (773.494.3810)
  • Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line (877.863.6338)
  • Stalking Resource Center (800.FYI.CALL)