"Loyola has given me the knowledge to sit at the intersections of education reform and law. Loyola has helped me pursue my passions."

Family, Career and Public Service

How did Loyola help your career?

Within two months of the start of my studies at Loyola I was offered a full time corporate finance paralegal position at a major multi-national firm due to the fact that Loyola is a highly recognized program.  I remember the hiring manager telling me later that Loyola has a wonderful reputation for producing highly skilled paralegals. 


How does Loyola continue to help your career?

Currently I serve as the Director of Legal Administration at a national non-profit which focuses on education.  Here I manage a small team of paralegals, legal technology and work in practice areas from corporate to immigration to employment law.  Loyola has continued to support my career by offering timely classes such as the Saturday session on immigration I attended last summer.  I have built my career by deeply engaging in a wide variety of practice areas; I would not be able to move so fluently between areas if not for the broad foundation and continuing education I receive from Loyola.