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Welcome to Loyola's Undergraduate Philosophy Club


Loyola has a Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau (Alpha of Illinois), An International Honor Society in Philosophy.
The purpose of the organization shall be:
- to function as a student organization.
- to recognize and honor student achievement in philosophy.
- to promote ties between the Loyola Philosophy students and faculty.
- to promote ties between Loyola Philosophy students and philosophy students at other universities.
- to promote interest in philosophy within the Loyola student body.
- to promote the philosophical discussion and debate within the Loyola student body.
The motto of the society is:
Philoúnton Sophían Timé, "The honor of those who love wisdom."
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Useful Links:
· Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
· American Philosophical Association:
· Leiter ("Philosophical Gourmet") Report:
· SPEP (Society for Phenomenology and Existentialism Philosophy):
· Philosophy Now (journal):



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Carson,

Email address for both Phi Sigma Tau and Philosophy Club: