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Notes from the Editor

Locke Studies is an annual journal devoted to contemporary research on any aspects of the work and life of the great English philosopher, John Locke, 1632–1704. This journal is unique in being the only one in the world devoted entirely to Locke scholarship.

From 1970 to 2000 this journal was The Locke Newsletter, but a change of name was necessary, as the previous title was misleading to those who had not seen how substantial the issues of the journal were. Beginning with the 2001 issue, the journal was renamed Locke Studies. (The volume number will thus always coincides with the yearly date.)

Each issue contains a number of refereed articles on various topics pertaining to Locke, provided by a wide circle of scholars. Many important articles have appeared in the journal over the years. In addition, each issue contains review articles and book reviews, and the 'Recent Publications' section keeps track of the constant stream of publications on Locke. Readers can review the contents of the annual issues by browsing the Index of issues section of this Web site.

All articles in the journal are refereed. Submissions are invited for the next issue. Work of any length will be considered. Articles and notes on any aspects of Locke's work or life, or on related authors, may be submitted, including also queries about points in Locke, or unsolved problems.

Contributions may be in English, French, German, or Italian. Initial submission may be by e-mail to the editor. Once a contribution has been accepted for publication, authors will be asked to submit final text in accordance with the house style. Authors should follow the style of the latest volume, which adheres closely to the Oxford Guide to Style (2002). The journal address for submissions and correspondence is listed below.

Please send reports on works in progress, or of the discovery of books that belonged to Locke's library. Such items of information may be published from time to time. Authors of books on Locke should send in any important corrections that need making.

If you have published an article on Locke in another journal, please send an offprint to Locke Studies. This should ensure prompt and accurate listing in the 'Recent Publications' section. Please also send copies of reviews.

New books on Locke, if sent for review, will normally be found a reviewer. Authors are asked to instruct their publishers to send in review copies, both for this purpose and to ensure a listing.

For information regarding subscriptions, please consult the Subscriptions section of this Web site. The address for subscriptions and correspondence is:

    Roland Hall (Locke Studies)
    Summerfields, The Glade
    Escrick, York   YO19   6JH

    Email  rh1@york.ac.uk

Finally, thank you for visiting this Web site. If you have any suggestions for improving this site, or regarding some features you would like to see present here, we would be happy to consider them. Please pass them along to Roland Hall, editor, or to Arnold vander Nat (Loyola University Chicago, USA), webmaster.

    On behalf of the journal,
    Roland Hall,

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