Loyola University Chicago

Department of Physics

Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (O.U.R.)


At Loyola, we want to provide our students with all possible opportunities for career paths and research experience in those paths. All students should participate in the Freshman Project during their first year in the physics department, which is designed to give students an initial exposure to research in physics. As a follow-up, this guide is designed to provide you with information for pursuing other areas of research during your undergraduate career.

The guide is divided into five sections:

Most of the information is available on the Web, using the given URLs or a suitable search engine.

Disclaimer: although we have researched this information, it may change at any time, particularly information about programs outside of the Loyola Physics Department.

If you find any information out of date, please notify us.

Research Opportunity Coordinator: Dr. G. Ramsey gramsey@luc.edu; 773-508-3540