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Department of Physics

Departmental Opportunities

The Loyola Physics Faculty have diverse research interests, thus providing students with a wide variety of research and project opportunities throughout the school year and the summer. These projects are wide in scope and cover anything from honors and special topics projects (extensions of the freshman projects) to other publishable research.

During the year, there are limited awards available for research with professors. These include the college Mulcahy Scholarships and the departmental Dougherty Award. Although limited in amount, they provide a chance to integrate research with course work during the school year.

Any work with a departmental professor can be extended into the summer semesters. Financial resources are limited, but there may exist teaching opportunities which can be combined with the research to provide monetary support. Furthermore there is from one to three hours of research credit available with each of these opportunities.

Any work done with professors can be reported in an number of ways. Teaching related activities can be presented at local or national AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) meetings. For research related topics, there are undergraduate research sessions at SPS (student physics society) and APS (American Physical Society) meetings. Most of these meetings occur biannually, providing ample opportunity to present results of your work.

Listed below are the major areas of faculty research and other areas for which faculty have some expertise and are willing to offer guidance in research projects.

Loyola University Physics Department Faculty Research Interests:

Loyola research in related and multidisciplinary fields:

Aerosols in the environment: Martina Schmelling, Chemistry
Modeling complex molecules: Jan Florian, Chemistry