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Department of Physics

Summer Research -- Related Fields

The REU programs also extend to specialized fields in physics and other areas related to physics.  A partial list of these opportunities is included below.

DOE Research Labs
Topic: All sciences
URL: www.set.lanl.gov/programs/urs
Argonne National Lab
Topic: All sciences
URL: www.anl.gov/OPA/prgs.htm
NSF Opportunities
Topic: All sciences
URL: www.nsf.gov/reu
Office of Naval Research
Topic: All sciences
URL: www.awu.org/onr
Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
Topic: Physics & Engineering
URL: www.studentservices.engr.wisc.edu/diversity/sure/
NIST/SURF program
Topic: Physics/Mat Sci  URL: www.physics.nist.gov or www.msel.nist.gov
Univ. of Central Florida
Topic: Optics
URL: www.creol.ucf.edu/reu/forms.html
Mt. Wilson Obs. (U-WI)
Topic: Astronomy
URL: www.astro.wisc.edu/~faison/curea/curea.html
Georgia State University
Topic: Astronomy
URL: www.newton.phy-astr.gsu.edu/perera/reu.html
Topic: Material Science
URL: www.msc.cornell.edu/educational/reu.html
Johns Hopkins
Topic: Material Science
URL: www.pha.jhu.edu/groups/mrsec/reu.html
Washington Univ., St. L.
Topic: Civil Engineering
URL: www.cive.wustl.edu

The following are points of contact for more permanent positions after graduation:

AFIT (Work study)
Topic: Aerospace Sci
URL: www.afit.af.mil/Schools/EN/ENP/ENPhome.html
USDA Colorado State Univ.
Topic: Atmospheric science
URL: www.uvb.nrel.colostate.edu/UVB/
Peace Corps
Topic: All sciences/educ
URL: www.peacecorps.gov


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