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Project Management Templates


Our PM Methodology at LUC is based on a “best fit” approach. There is no one-way approach for how much documentation is required or when the templates should be used. Outlined below is an approach that would work for most projects.

  • Phase = Where you are in the overall project management process.
  • Recommended = These templates should be used for most projects.
  • Suggested = These templates are in addition to the “recommended” templates and should be considered for projects classified as “Large” or ”X Large”.
  • Supplemental = Additional templates that are available for use at the discretion of the Project Manager.

Project Checklist

Project Definition


Initiation Phase Agenda

Sponsor Feedback Form

Staffing Commitment


Risk Management

Advanced Risk Management

Planning Phase Kickoff Agenda

Project Contact List

Work Breakdown Structure

Execution Phase Kickoff Agenda

Deliverable Acceptance Form


Closeout Meeting Agenda

Project Feedback