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Comparative Politics

PLSC 324: Civil-Military Relations
Professor Williams
TTh 11:30am / LSC


PLSC 337: Terrorism
Professor O'Leary
TTh 1:00pm / LSC

This course will use the infamous 9/11 attacks to examine current religiously-justified international terrorism, the fourth wave of modern terrorism.  While we will concentrate on terrorist activity associated with Islam since it dominates today’s headlines, it is appropriate to remember that Christian and Jewish groups have engaged in religiously- affiliated terrorism since the late 1940’s.  We will discuss the pros and cons of different definitions of terrorism-  there is no general agreement.  In examining terrorism, we will look at terrorist organizational structures, weapons, operations and operational planning, ideology, motivation, and financing.  We will examine efforts to combat terrorists, including exploitable weakness.  We will also look at the effects of terrorism on our daily lives and at our willingness to compromise our American principles and constitutional rights in combating terrorists.

PLSC 347: The European Union
Professor Avdeyeva
TTh 2:30pm / LSC

PLSC 368: Middle East Politics
Professor Tezcur
Th 4:15pm / LSC

This course offers a thematic approach to the study of society and politics in the modern Middle East. It covers a variety of episodes from the Arab countries, Iran, Israel, and Turkey. The introductory sections discuss the historical formation of the Middle East, engage with the question of whether the Middle East can be considered as a coherent and unified sociopolitical, economic or cultural entity, survey diversity in the region, and address how people of the region are represented.


PLSC 359: Revolutions
Professor Hazen
MWF 11:30am / LSC





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