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Department of Political Science

Selective Course Offerings

Research Design and Methodology

401: Introduction to Research Design & Method (taken in the first semester)

475: Political Analysis I (taken in the first semester)

476: Political Analysis II (taken in the second semester)


American Politics

404: Selected Problems in American Politics

405: American Executive Branch

406: American Legislative Branch

407: Public Policy-Making & Implementation

410: Urban Politics

411: American Political Parties and Electoral Process

418: Political Psychology & Socialization

502: Seminar in Political Behavior

503: Seminar in Law & Political Behavior

504: Seminar in American Public Policy


Global Politics

Comparative Politics

420: Comparative Political Systems (core course to be taken as soon as possible)

421: Democratic Political Systems

422: Authoritarian Political Systems

423: Soviet & Post-Soviet Politics

424: Politics of Developing Areas

425: Sub-Saharan Africa

426: Latin American Politics

429: Selected Problems in Comparative Politics

520: Seminar in Comparative Politics

521: Seminar in Western European Politics

523: The Politics of Income Distribution


International Politics

430: Theories of International Politics (core course to be taken as soon as possible)

431: Formulation US Foreign Policy

432: Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis

433: International Organization

435: International Political Economy

436: International Conflict

439: Selected Problems of International Politics

531: Seminar in International Politics

533: U.S. National Security

Political Theory

440: Ancient Political Thought

442: Modern Political Thought

447: Am Pol Thought to Civil War

448: Am Pol Thought: Civil War to Present

449: 19th Cent Political Thought

450: Socialism

543: Liberalism

546: Selected Problems of Political Philosophy


499: Directed Readings

595: Thesis Supervision

596: Thesis Research

597: Dissertation Research

598: Teaching Internship

600: Dissertation Supervision

605: Master's Study


Department of Political Science
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