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Accelerated Admission Program

General Information

Loyola University Chicago permits a limited number of exceptionally well-qualified students from the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business to enter the School of Law after completing their junior year of undergraduate study. Students participating in this accelerated admission program receive the bachelor's degree following successful completion of the first year of law school and the law degree (J.D.) after successful completion of the law school curriculum. Accelerated admission to the School of Law permits completion of the requirements for both degrees in a shorter period of time and at less expense than is usual. The accelerated admission program is limited to Loyola's undergraduate Arts and Sciences and Business students (regardless of major) who attend Loyola's School of Law.

Admission to the Program

Juniors applying for admission to this program must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The School of Law evaluates carefully the quality of the student's academic record, faculty recommendations, and the applicant's LSAT score. Successful applicants for accelerated admission usually have an undergraduate cumulative grade point average of 3.70 or above and an LSAT score of 160+ and significantly above the median of college graduates accepted into the regular J.D. program.  Applicants to the Accelerated Program are also required to interview with the Admissions Committee.

When an applicant's GPA/LSAT profile is at an acceptable level, other qualifications are considered, including extracurricular activities, involvement in cultural or civic affairs, and work experience. The School of Law welcomes applications from qualified students belonging to groups under-represented in the legal profession.

Eligibility Requirements

Before entering the School of Law (in other words, by the end of the junior year), accelerated-admission students must complete all requirements of their academic major and the university's Core Curriculum and earn at least 96 credit hours toward the bachelor's degree. Students in the Honors Program must complete requirements for that program before entering the School of Law. Upon successful completion of two full-semesters of law school, a maximum of 32 semester hours will be applied as elective credit toward the undergraduate degree.

When to Apply

Students applying for accelerated admission should complete the application process by early January of their junior year.  It is preferable for applicants to have taken the LSAT by October of their junior year.  Contact the pre-law advisor early in the fall semester of junior year to discuss the admissions process.  At the time of application, students should have completed at least 80 credit hours toward the bachelor's degree.

Preparation for Accelerated Admission

Plan ahead. If you are interested in accelerated admission to the School of Law, you must plan carefully to meet the program's requirements and deadlines. It is especially important in your early undergraduate years to plan your schedule so that you will complete all major and core requirements on time.

You should discuss your interest in the program with the pre-law advisor during your freshman year. You should also inform your primary academic advisor of your interest so that you may plan your schedule accordingly.


Pre-Law Advising
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