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General Counsel


The Office of the General Counsel of Loyola University of Chicago is charged with the responsibility of providing, or causing to be provided, all legal counsel and representation to Loyola University Chicago and its subsidiaries. The mission of the Office of the General Counsel is to provide first class legal services to the University and all of its subsidiaries. To accomplish our mission we seek to:

  • provide timely and responsible legal guidance;
  • address existing and potential legal problems;
  • reduce exposure to legal risk;
  • help the institutional clients effectively and efficiently achieve their objectives;
  • provide strong, vigorous and responsible advocacy;
  • coordinate and supervise all legal services for the institutional clients, ensuring that they meet the high standards of the Office.

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Contact Information

Phone:  (312) 915-6200
Fax:  (312) 915-6208

Mailing Address:
820 N. Michigan Suite 750
Chicago, IL  60611

Delivery Address:
111 E. Pearson Suite 750
Chicago, IL 60611

Campus Location:
Water Tower Campus
Lewis Towers
Room 750

Department Members

Costas, Pamela
Deputy General Counsel
(312) 915-6239

Marcucci, Jennifer
Administrative Assistant
(312) 915-6902

Lalich, Nicole
Staff Attorney
(312) 915-6238

Motsinger, Wendy
Executive Secretary
(312) 915-6194


Munro, Ellen Kane
Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Secretary
(312) 915-6195

Schietinger, John
Assistant General Counsel
(312) 915-6237

Schubert, Margareth H
Associate General Counsel
(312) 915-6193

Thompson, Teri
Assistant General Counsel
(312) 915-6236


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