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Unique Approach

The PROLAW curriculum provides students with the specialized theory, skills, and understanding they need to address the complex challenge of reforming and strengthening governance and the rule of law in transitioning and developing nations. Although the program gives students sound understanding of theory, it is first and foremost practice-oriented.

The learning outcomes are based on an analysis of the actual tasks that rule of law advisors typically do. A research and writing component generates publishable works, which will contribute to the growing body of scientific literature on rule of law and its promotion. Learning assessment focuses on application of the relevant knowledge and skills in accordance with pre-established and published criteria. One course will be offered on-line from Chicago.

Each subject is approached through case studies examining a range of substantive areas. Thus, topics such as judicial reform, achievement of gender equality, civil and penal law reform, commercial law reform, legal empowerment of the poor, aid for trade, climate change preparedness, human rights and financing of justice reform will be prominent in the curriculum.

Small Cohorts

From 20 to 30 students take part in the program each year. Your classmates will come from all over the world with different religious and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring you a vivid and passionate discourse throughout the course. Having a small cohort encourages you and your classmates to form lifelong personal and professional relationships. There is a special bond that comes with truly getting to know all of the other members of your class.

Curriculum Structure*

The degree consists of 27 academic credits, which comprises nine taught courses and a publishable quality thesis. One course is offered on-line from the United States. Students will be given three months after the completion of course work to complete the thesis, which is due by July 31 each year. Research and completion of the thesis will be done from the students’ home countries, through online communication with a thesis supervisor.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

* Loyola University Chicago School of Law reserves the right to change or modify course requirements and program structures

Visiting Lecturer Series

The PROLAW Visiting Lecturer Series supplements the core curriculum. The series brings a diverse group of rule of law and development professionals to share their insights, ideas and experience in the classroom. This builds greater understanding of the range of rule of law work currently underway and sparks interest in focused areas of rule of law practice. Networking with such seasoned professionals is another way that PROLAW students begin to build the connections they will need in order to be successful throughout their careers. Click here for more information on the series.