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Class of 2013-14

Please click on the student's name below to read their profiles. Note that information is current as of September 2013.





Home: Ukraine

Education: BA in Law, MA in Law, National University of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine.

Experience: Private legal practice in banking and finance law with a law firm in the Ukraine; Judicial Accountability Coordinator, Chemonics Int., Ukraine.

Personal Statement: "I’ve decided to devote my career to development, therefore I need specific skills and knowledge to be successful in this area. PROLAW is a great combination of theory and practice that better prepares lawyers for rule of law and development work. I am confident that the application of the acquired skills and knowledge to any situation will lead to its solution.”



Home: Kosovo

Education: LLB from Prishtina University, Kosovo.

Experience: Project Associate at National Democratic Institute operating office in Kosovo, Secondment to the Office of the President of Republic of Kosovo - executive officer to the Chief of staff, head of HR at one of the largest insurance  companies in Kosovo IC "Siguria".

Personal Statement: "I chose PROLAW because it is a practice oriented program, and I see it as a logical extension of my legal studies and professional background. I plan to make meaningful contributions to the civic and political services of Kosovo, applying the expertise gained from this very unique program in Rule of Law for Development."



Home: Ethiopia

Education: LLB Degree in Law from Mekelle University Ethiopia in 2008 with a high  academic ranking and an LL.M Degree in Public International Law with a specific specialization on International Environmental and Energy Law from the University of Oslo, Norway (2010-2012).

Experience: Legal researcher on climate change and sustainable development at the Center for International Sustainable Development Law (Canada), expert input to the UNFCCC on its draft matrix on sustainable development in the CDM’s context (June 2012) an Intern at the American Redcross Tampabay chapter (Disaster Action Team) (USA), intern at Mediation FLA, LLC (USA) Assistant Lecturer and head of the department of law of Mizan-Tepi University (Ethiopia).

Personal Statement: “The fundamental reason I applied to the PROLAW program at Loyola University Chicago is because I want to take an active and aggressive role in the national and international justice sector, and institutional reform and rule of law advisory initiatives. Apart from this, I believe that PROLAW will give me the pertinent practical skills and knowledge in applying rule of law concepts in various contemporary and dynamic international cross-cutting issues including climate change and governance issues; terrorism and international response measures, and humanitarian intervention and human rights issues.”



Home: Nepal

Education: LLB, Kathmandu School of Law, Purbanchal University.

Experience: Legal Consultant, Jagaran Media Center, Co-owner, Paramount Legal Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., Program Officer, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI), Nepal Country Office.

Personal Statement: "I chose PROLAW because of my interest in development and rule of law issues. Apart from of my passion for this area of law, my background and work on development and rule of law issues further motivated me to apply. PROLAW was the best option to improve my understanding of rule of law.”


Narine Harutyunyan

Home: Armenia

Education: Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Yerevan State University, Armenia; Master of Law, American University of Armenia.

Experience: Expert in draft legal acts at the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, reviewing drafts of laws, government decisions, decisions of the Prime Minister in order to ensure compliance with the RA Constitution, and other legal acts.

Personal Statement: "I have selected the Prolaw Program because of its outstanding faculty and research facilities, its emphasis on a collaborative learning environment, and its global perspective on various rule of law key issues. I hope to become a part of this dynamic culture which will give me a leading edge to work effectively in a diverse team and environment."



Home: Sierra Leone

Education: LL.B (Hons.), Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone; BA (General), Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone; Post-Graduate Diploma in Judicial and Legal Studies, Sierra Leone Law School; Post-Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting, Ghana School of Law.

Experience: Research Advisor, Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), Sierra Leone; Research Assistant and Principal Legal Officer (Research Department), Law Reform Commission of Sierra Leone.

Personal Statement: “I chose to do the PROLAW program on Rule of Law for Development in order to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable me become an expert on rule of law matters. These knowledge and skills will be utilized in the legal reform process carried out by the Law Reform Commission of Sierra Leone. I will use my knowledge and expertise to serve as a rule of law adviser to the Government of Sierra Leone as well as Non-Governmental Organizations that work along rule of law. I would also like to work for the United Nations or become an international consultant.”



Home: Sierra Leone

Education: LLB (Hons), Fourah Bay College; BA (General) Fourah Bay College, Post Graduate Diploma in Judicial and Legal Studies, Sierra Leone Law School.

Experience: Legal Research Assistant and Principal Legal Officer in the Research Department of Sierra Leone Law Reform Commission.

Personal Statement: “I chose to pursue my LLM in Rule of Law for Development in order to further improve my legal research skills, as they are directly related to my official duties as a legal researcher in the Law Reform Commission. In addition, I would like to later work with Non Governmental Organizations, both nationally and internationally, to promote democracy and the rule of law by advocating policy and legal reforms, particularly in the area of accountability.”



Home: Botswana

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Law, University of Botswana (2003-2008;) Contracts Drafting and Negotiating Masterclass by Euromoney Legal Training Institute; USA (2008.) Postgraduate Certificate in Legislative Drafting, Commonwealth Secretariat, Accra - Ghana 23rd July-12th October, 2012.

Experience:  Temporary Legal Services officer at the Botswana Unified Revenue Services; Legislative Drafting Division within the Attorney General's Chambers; member of the Attorney General's Chambers Corruption Prevention Committee; member of the National Anti-Poaching Strategy; member of the Taskforce on the Domestication of CEDAW in the Department of Gender.

Personal Statement: “My main interest in PROLAW is to learn about Legal Reform. Currently Botswana does not have a Law Reform Agency and the government is working towards establishing one. Applying for PROLAW was a proactive step on my part to acquire the necessary expertise on law reform. In addition the diversity of the program is also beneficial in that it offers broader application skills and techniques necessary when dealing with sensitive issues such as gender, culture, development and corruption amongst others. As a legislative drafter I get assignments in various areas of the law and to a lesser extent have a role to play in policy development. PROLAW program will equip me with necessary expertise in order to be a better adviser.”



Home: Russia

Education: Moscow State Linguistic University, MA in International law.

Experience: In-house corporate lawyer; Russian office of ABA Rule of Law Initiative. ABA projects relating to free legal aid, court monitoring, civil society development and human rights. 

Personal statement: "I was greatly excited to learn about the courses taught in the PROLAW program, as they can advance my skills and knowledge of legal development to levels much higher than those that I could have achieved by myself.”



Home: Egypt

Education: LLB, Ain Shams University, School of Law. LLM in International Business Law, Indiana University School of Law.

Experience: Legal assistant for Alcatel-Lucent, Legal analyst assistant as the Carter Center for observing elections in Egypt, legal consultant for ABA and writing articles for Atlantic Council and other websites regarding current political situation, member of rights of non-violence initiative.

Personal Statement: "I chose Prolaw because I see it as a very unique opportunity to develop my experience in the field of rule of law. I would also like to become more professionally prepared and well recognized in the international community; in this way, developing my legal knowledge and mindset is the best weapon to achieve my dreams."



Home: Azerbaijan

Education: LL.B., Baku State University, Baku, Azerbaijan; Graduate of the Hertie School of Governance, Winter Academy 2013 "Transformation Lawyers – Legal Dialogue for Legal Transformation", Berlin, Germany.

Experience:  General coordinator at Azerbaijan Law Reform Centre NGO. Carrying out of management of projects on Rule of Law Development field, which are mainly financed by international actors (COE, GIZ, IRZ and etc.), drafting reports on current situation of implementation of Rule of Law institutes;  Senior associate at BHM Baku Law Centre LLC. Responsible for supervision of Legal Service Department at Main Office of One-Stop Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan;  Currently expert at Judicial Legal Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan on international affairs; Editor of Azerbaijani Lawyer Journal (Azərbaycan Vəkili).

Personal statement: “I am confident that each of us in the PROLAW Program joined with a sense of sacred duty rather than individual interest. Recent political developments in the world show there is something wrong with the ongoing evolutional processes of societies and cultures. Of course, we can blame the side effects of globalization or nondemocratic systems. But the fact is that all of us feel a duty to improve things. Willingly or unwillingly this is the destiny of our contemporary globalized society. There are several tools we can use to deal with this problem--and rule of law advising is one of them. My expectation is that PROLAW will arm each of us with relevant skills, which will facilitate the triumph of the rule of law.”



Home: U.S.A.

Education: BA Saint Louis University, JD Case Western University

Experience: Criminal prosecution experience as an intern/assistant to a prosecutor in an Ohio county prosecutor's office. General civil experience as an intern in the City of Cleveland Law Department.

Personal Statement: “I applied to the PROLAW program to gain greater understanding of the many factors that influence the development of functional, accountable governance systems and institutions. This understanding of the varied influences that help and hinder rule of law development by both home-country and foreign rule-of-law practitioners is imperative for successful reform of legal systems and institutions, no matter the forum.”



Home: Liberia

Education: BA in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia.

Experience: Rehabilitation Officer, Ministry of Justice; Supervisor, Quality Control, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority; Trial Lawyer, Jones and Associates Legal Consultants; Associate Judicial Affairs Officer, United Nations Mission in Liberia.

Personal Statement: “I work within the Rule of Law Section of the United Nations Mission in Liberia as an Associate Judicial Affairs Officer. My responsibilities include but are not limited to: monitoring of legal and judicial institutions, conducting analyses of the justice system, and identifying legal and judicial issues for redress. Upon my graduation with an LL.M. from Loyola University Chicago, I intend to use the knowledge and skills acquired to advocate for access to justice in Liberia, because I believe access to justice is sin qui non to peaceful co-existence for a country like Liberia, which is just emerging from a devastating conflict. I also hope to advocate for constitutional reform and the review of procedural bottlenecks that characterize my country’s statutory and customary Laws.”



Home: Kosovo

Education: BA in Law; University of Prishtina, Kosovo, Exchange semester in International and European Law at Katholieke University of Leuven, Belgium.

Experience: Junior Legal Adviser, Researcher and Monitoring Officer in Anti-Corruption, Procurement, Conflict of Interest, working groups on Law Drafting Procedures in Kosovo, Private Lawyer Office practice.

Personal Statement: “I choose the PROLAW program at Loyola University Chicago because it is an outstanding opportunity for me to gain the appropriate education and practical knowledge about the rule of law. PROLAW fits greatly and like no other program with the area of work that I was engaged in, as well as my future plans and the experience that I want to gain in order to contribute, assist, advise and strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo.”



Home: Argentina

Education: Lawyer (UNLP, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Public Policy (FLACSO ARGENTINA), Public Procurement  (UNSAM, Buenos Aires Argentina), Governance and Political Management (St. Andrew´s University – Andean Development Corporation CAF – George Washington University), Advanced Public Procurement Course (IDLO), Environmental Law Specialist (UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Experience: Procurement and Contract Specialist, Ministry of Economy, Gov of Buenos Aires. Preparation and supervision of projects for development: Design, Preparation, Evaluation and Implementation of Projects financed by Multilateral Organizations: Financial and Economic Assessment. Preparation of: Project Proposals, Operation Manuals; Annual Operative Programs, Procurement Plans and national government’s pipeline. Experience in project monitoring, procurement processes, budgeting, financial management, disbursement projections and loan negotiations.

Personal Statement: “I chose PROLAW because I think it is a special and unique program that offers me the opportunity to advance my practical and theoretical knowledge related to the rule of law. PROLAW will provide me the knowledge, skill and tools to contribute to my training and work in my country.” 



Home: Mexico

Education: LL.B '12, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México.

Experience: Legal consulting and litigation on civil, family and commercial law. Legal advisor, at the Mexican Ministry of Interior regarding the implementation of the Accusatorial and Adversarial Criminal Justice System.  

Personal Statement: “When developing a project for institutional reform it is essential to identify and comprehend the problems that debilitate the rule of law. Ironically, this process of identification and comprehension is mostly disregarded. A practice-oriented master’s degree like Prolaw gives the proper tools and methodologies that experience has provided in order to approach the process of development in a methodological manner. The academic approach to development, mostly known only by developers who have been "in the field", gives the advantage of knowing what works and what does not. This experience is extremely valuable for anyone interested in working for development agencies or governments undergoing deep legal and institutional reforms, like Mexico.”



Home: Kenya

Education: LL.B, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, (2009,) Dip. Advocacy: The Kenya School of Law (2012).

Experience:  Legal Consultant and Researcher, United Nations, Habitat (UN-Habitat) Office of the Executive Director, (OED) and Researcher, the Kenya Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA).

Personal Statement:  “Having garnered some experience in National and International Law, I am now interested in garnering some experience in the area of Legal Reform, particularly within the Justice system in Kenya. My future aspiration is to be a Jurist, however in order to discharge my duties with utmost standard of integrity and Justice, there is need for major reform in the rule of law in Kenya. I seek to participate fully in this agenda. The PROLAW program is very intense, and I have not heard another of its kind anywhere in the world. I believe it is within this program that I will acquire the knowledge and skills I need to tackle reforms in the rule of law within the Judiciary in order to facilitate development in Kenya.”



Home: Armenia

Education: BA in Philology and Pedagogue, Diploma in Law, pursuing PHD in Law, at Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Experience: Senior Legal Specialist of the Department for the relations with the European Court of Human Rights at the Ministry of Justice of Armenia since 2008. Legal adviser at International Police Association of Armenian section since 2011. First class specialist at the Department of Financial Statistics, National Statistical Service of Armenia (2005-2008). Member of Armenian Bar Association, certified Lawyer.

Personal Statement: “This program will support me in further developing professional and academic skills related to the theory and the practice of rule of law, and will further provide me with an opportunity to implement this gained knowledge in the Armenian legal system. Armenia is a developing country, and qualified rule of law specialists who work for the Government, especially the Ministry of Justice, will play a key role encouraging international cooperation and in achieving common goals.”


Home: Turkey

Education: LL.B from Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law, accredited mediator since 2007

Experience: Weinstein International Fellow 2013, JAMS Foundation. Program Coordinator, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative MENA Division.  Program Coordinator and Trainer, Better Access to Justice Project in Turkey.

Personal Statement: “I enrolled in PROLAW because I believe that the program structure will increase my capacity to understand conflicts, rule of law, and the country of Turkey as a whole from a different perspective. Moreover, all of my international, academic and mediation experience is based on the combination of meeting with extraordinarily diverse groups of people, and gaining inspiration from their passionate work.  I believe that all of the PROLAW participants will again learn the most from each other, which makes the program unique from others.”



Home: Bangladesh

Education: LL.B (Honors) and LL.M, International Islamic University Chittagong.

Experience: Lecture in Law at International Islamic University Chittagong, Advocate in Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Legal practitioner in Chittagong District Bar Association; volunteered as a Human Rights worker in the Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation.

Personal Statement: “I believe that the PROLAW program will provide me with the knowledge and skills I need in my career, along with invaluable experience that will allow me to become a successful, innovative professional. After the end of the program, I would like to establish a group in Bangladesh that will work for the development of rule of law in our country.”


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