Loyola University Chicago


Student Life

The John Felice Rome Center Campus

PROLAW is taught at the John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago. Loyola has operated this campus in Italy since 1962, where it offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs for well qualified students of all nationalities and religions who are prepared to undertake coursework in English leading to accredited US degrees. The campus is located in the Balduina district of Monte Mario, Rome’s highest hill and spans five acres. The nearest bus stop is only two blocks away, providing a short, 15-minute ride to the Vatican City or an easy, 30 minute trip to downtown. Within walking distance are grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, a salon, a convenience store, a post office, banks and ATMs, and other small businesses.

Lodging and Rome

Most students live in conveniently located long-stay residences or private apartments in the area. PROLAW Student Services are readily available to help admitted students find accommodation and adjust to life in the Eternal City.

PROLAW’s location in Rome provides students with access to some of the preeminent rule of law implementing organizations, including the International Development Law Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law. PROLAW students interact with these organizations throughout the academic year through conferences, guest lectures and internships.