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There are limited scholarships available to PROLAW at current and students are encouraged to secure their own sources of financial support. If PROLAW manages to secure any further scholarships during this year, they will be made available to a few exceptionally qualified admitted students who are likely to make a sustained impact in the rule of law through their work and who have demonstrated that they have made best efforts to secure their own support for the Program.

Please contact PROLAW directly ( if you need assistance in providing information on the Program to a potential scholarship donor.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported PROLAW with several scholarships for developing country students.

Microsoft Corporation awarded Loyola University Chicago School of Law a generous grant that provided financial support for two students from developing countries.

The late Bernard Beazley, University Board of Trustee (JD '50) and Barry C. McCabe, University Board of Trustee, both provided the program with gifts of financial scholarships to developing country students.

The U.S. Department of State and the Government of Uganda provided scholarships to students in the program.

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