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PROLAW Class of 2012-2013

Loyola University Chicago launched its Rule of Law for Development program in Rome, Italy, in September 2011.  Click here to read the news release. Meet the students from PROLAW TWO.

Please click on the student's name below to read their profiles.


Home: Nigeria

Education: LLB, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, Barrister- at-Law (BL), Nigerian Law School.

Experience: Private Legal practice in corporate & commercial law, litigation and mediation with some law firms in Nigeria; State Counsel Ministry of Justice, Kebbi State, Nigeria, (NYSC); pro bono legal aid services with NGOs.

Personal Statement: "I chose PROLAW because the knowledge and skills I will acquire here will be invaluable to me as a Rule of Law Practitioner. I would like to work with International Organizations and NGO's to promote and advance Rule of Law, Good Governance and Human Rights in Nigeria and around the world."


Home: Georgia

Education: BA in Law; MA in International Law, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Experience: Legal Adviser and Researcher in Juvenile Justice, Anti-Corruption and Electoral Law at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

Personal Statement: “PROLAW is an outstanding opportunity to get familiar with the practical application of legal theory in reform making process. This program will give me ample opportunities to contribute to strengthening the Rule of Law in Georgia, propose new initiatives, and effectively assist and advise on policy implementation within my country.”


Home: Liberia

Education: B.A. AME University, LL.B Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia

Experience: Legal Trainer, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, Staff Attorney, Pierre, Tweh & Associates Law Firm, In-house Counsel, ArcelorMittal, Liberia Limited.

Personal Statement: "I chose to participate in PROLAW in order to develop the professional expertise that will afford me the opportunity to contribute to the rule of law development in Liberia, Africa, and the world."


Jamaica, Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

Education:   LL.B. (Hons.), University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. C.L.E., Professional Legal Education Certificate,Council of Legal Education, Norman Manley Law School, Jamaica. Mediator, trained at the Dispute Resolution Foundation, Jamaica

Experience:  Attorney-at-Law, Crown Counsel in the Litigation Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers, Ministry of Justice, Jamaica, West Indies. Primarily focusing on Civil Litigation, practicing law at all tiers of court; and Legal Adviser to the Government of Jamaica, Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government, through the Attorney General’s Chambers, since 2009. Private Bar legal experience – Legal Internship work in the civil litigation divisions in two (2) of Jamaica’s leading Law Firms and experience in part-time criminal and civil legal work in regional Private Law Chambers, Barbados. Academia: Lecturer in Law and Tutor in International Relations (Part-time) Lectured Law Part-time at the University of West Indies (UWI), Mona (Open Campus) and at the Justice Training Institute, Ministry of Justice; and Tutored International Relations in the Department of Government, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, Mona Campus- (Since 2007)

Personal Statement: “With legal aspirations of serving on the bench as a Judge or in becoming the Minister of Justice in Jamaica, a state in political and economic transition to becoming a Republic, I see the LL.M. in Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW II), as a timely and strategic pioneering program, which will diversify and extend my legal qualification, but more importantly, equip me with the necessary knowledge, skills, resources and connections to catapult my legal career in the strategic position of influence through, inter alia, (i) the establishment of a Rule of Law Advisory Unit in the Ministry of Justice; and (ii) rendering through the Attorney General’s Chambers, thought-provoking, legally sounds, well researched and reasoned legal advice, opinions and reports, as perhaps, the first trained Rule of Law Advisor, in the English Speaking Caribbean, to effect necessary legal, socio-economic and political reforms, to the betterment of my country, which could become the benchmark for Justice reform for our regional neighbours in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).”


Home: Nigeria

Education: (LL.B Nigeria); (B.L Council of Legal Education)

Experience: Attorney; private law practice Enugu Nigeria. Observer, Anambra State Election Domestic Observation project 2010. Former Legal Advisor to the Honorable Commissioner for Environment Anambra State 2010-2012

Personal statement: “I chose PROLAW because it will enable me broaden my knowledge and gain practical experience in rule of law, good governance, development, human rights and democracy issues particularly as they pertain to emerging democracies. Loyola University is a good place to develop academic leadership, mentoring, and development. At the end of the program, I intend to contribute to the areas of good governance, poverty alleviation, anticorruption and security initiatives in Nigeria and other under developed countries which will help me achieve my goal of making a difference in other peoples’ lives.”


Home: Nigeria

Education: Bachelor of Law and LL.B from the Nigerian Law School and Abia State University respectively

Experience: Private law firm SAM AMEH & ASSOCIATES (Barristers & Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria), with focus on company law. Voluntary work: workshops on social and legal issues (human rights, freedom, peer pressure, career choices, civic responsibility etc.) with secondary school students of Local Education Authority, Abuja.

Personal Statement: “When I heard about PROLAW, I knew I had to participate because of my passion for human rights protection and observance of the rule of law. Beyond my passion, my background made the choice to apply even more compelling. I’ve come to know what Rule of Law really is, how it works, and how I can be relevant in Rule of Law advising in Nigeria, Africa and the World. I am optimistic that PROLAW will prepare me for the work ahead.”


Home: Iraq

Education: LLM degree in criminal law

Experience: Judge

Personal statement: “The PROLAW program is a great opportunity for me to develop legal skills that I can transfer to my country, Iraq, which has an urgent need for the implementation of rule of law and development.”


Home: Uganda

Education: Bachelor of Laws, Makerere University

Experience: Secretary of Legal Affairs to the National Resistance Movement (NRM,) the ruling political party in Uganda since 2010.


‌Home: Georgia

Education: BA in Law, Tbilisi State University

Experience: Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia; Assistant of the Head of the Working Group on Legislative Issues at the State Constitutional Commission of Georgia

Personal Statement: “As I imagine my career in the public sector implementing legal reforms, I am confident that the PROLAW program will be wonderful experience for me as it provides its students with the specific knowledge and skills that is essential to become qualified and effective advisors. After graduating the LLM, I believe I will return to my home country with plenty of new ideas and initiatives and will be able to undertake further reforms in my capacity as an employee of the Ministry of Justice.”


Home: Georgia

Education: Law Degree, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Experience: Prosecutor, Head of the Human Rights Protection Unit, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia

Personal statement: “I chose the PROLAW LLM program because I think it is one of the best opportunities to advance theoretical and practical knowledge related to the Rule of Law. I am expecting to obtain the necessary skills and experience to enhance my active participation in the development of my country.”


Home: Sudan

Education: Master Degree in Humanitarians & Conflicts studies - Juba University 2008, High Diploma in Human Rights - Khartoum University 2005 and Bachelor of Law - Khartoum University 2002

Experience: Rule of Law Officer in UNDP/Sudan, Capacity Building Coordinator in Islamic Relief Worldwide IRW “UK” , Rule of Law Manager International Rescue Committee IRC/Sudan , Liaison Officer in Secretary of National Committee of Investigate about Darfur Human Rights Violations and Human Rights Specialist in African Center for Human Rights “ACHR”.

Personal Statement: “I choose PROLAW to acquire advanced training in rule of law development, and to make a meaningful contribution towards not only the Justice Sector reform agenda of Sudan after its separation from South Sudan, but also those of other war ravaged countries. PROLAW is a special program, designed for rule of law advisors, and a program like it does not exist in my country. With this program I hope to be able to learn more about the Governance and Rule of Law in Access to Justice and Human Security in transitional periods, raising awareness of national and international law, ensuring access to an operational legal aid system, and improving Sudan’s transitional area judiciary's reform, among other things.”


Home: Rwanda

Education: LLB, National University of Rwanda

Experience: Legal clinic aid national university of Rwanda, office of ombudsman: unity of preventing and fighting against injustice

Personal statement: “I chose to enroll in PROLAW in order to enhance my capacity to actively participate in the development and put knowledge from law school into the service of justice in Rwanda and other regions.”



Education: LLB, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education - ITESM, Mexico

Experience: Legal Adviser, Mexican Governance Secretariat (Secretariat of Interior), focusing on the implementation process of criminal justice system reforms

Personal Statement: "The PROLAW program will provide me with the necessary knowledge, abilities, and tools to reinforce my professional formation that will allow me to strengthen the rule of law and make meaningful contributions to improve the conditions and quality of life in my country."


Home: Zambia

Education: LL.B from The university of Zambia, practicing certificate and certificate in Legislative Drafting(ZIALE)

Experience: State Advocate , Ministry of Justice, Zambia. I was a prosecutor in the DPP's chambers for 4 years and currently I am with the Attorney Generals chambers. I was a part-time lecturer at NIPA and I also worked with the U.S embassy on Gender Based Violence.

Personal Statement: “I chose to apply to PROLAW because it will give me another career; aside from being a practicing lawyer in Zambia, I will also be an International Rule of Law advisor ready to work anywhere in the world.”


Home: United States

Education: University of Texas School of Law

Experience: Regional Security Office, U.S. Consulate General Nuevo Laredo; estate planning and tax attorney, large private sector law firm; Intergovernmental Affairs, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Personal Statement: “As a Foreign Service spouse, I get to live and work all over the world. Consequently, I am continually seeking to broaden my experience and supplement my education so I am qualified to take advantage of meaningful service opportunities as they arise. I am participating in PROLAW to gain the perspective, knowledge, and practical skills necessary to translate my professional experience into effective advocacy for the rule of law in an international development context."


Home: USA/Italy

Education: JD, cum laude, Pace University School of Law

Experience: In-house counsel at IBM Corporation; commercial litigation associate at law firm handling domestic and international matters; judicial law clerk at U.S. Court of International Trade; member of Executive Committee and Board of Directors of The Resource Foundation, a U.S. non-profit organization that supports community-based, social and economic development projects in countries throughout Latin America.

Personal Statement: "I chose PROLAW because of the global expertise of the faculty and its unique, thoughtfully designed curriculum. The program not only trains lawyers in how to advise on rule of law and development initiatives, but, importantly, sensitizes them to the historical and cultural contexts in which such initiatives are implemented."


Home: United States

Education: JD, Stanford Law School; BA, University of Texas

Experience: Staff attorney, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; Peace Corps Volunteer, Jordan; senior managing attorney, Texas Attorney General's Office, Open Records Division.

Personal Statement: "I chose PROLAW for its focus on practical skills informed by a critical perspective on rule of law advising. I'm interested in identifying what legal reforms have supported development in certain contexts, and determining whether and how they could be adapted to promote development elsewhere. I also appreciate the chance to study with a geographically diverse group of colleagues. PROLAW students' experience in different legal systems complements the curriculum and generates insight from applying a range of perspectives to common challenges."


Home: Egypt

Education: LLB, Cairo University English Section; LL.M. Indiana University – School of Law – Indianapolis.

Experience: Legal practitioner in Egypt, Legal Advisor to a Kuwaiti law firm, Legal assistant in International Development Law Organization (IDLO) Regional office in Cairo/ Training coordinator in justice and police reform project in Yemen, participated in monitoring Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections and assisted in drafting a training manual on monitoring presidential elections.

Personal Statement: “I chose the PROLAW program to develop an expertise on topics related to law and development, and to become involved in projects that work with governments on judicial and institutional reforms.”


Home: Pakistan

Education: B.A. Punjab University, L.L.B Punjab Law College

Experience: Roving Communication Officer for the UNDP Country Office Pakistan, Communication Officer to the World Health Organization, Freelance Producer for CNN International Islamabad Bureau, Communication Strategy Consultant for the Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan.

Personal Statement: “I applied to the PROLAW program because it has a unique approach towards legal scholarship coupled with a pragmatic style of training as a rule of law advisor. The combination of legal theories and the practical exercises within different kind of legal contexts is what makes this program more practice oriented. Using what I learned in the PROLAW program I hope to eventually work as a legal professional in the area of human rights protection.”





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