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"International Development Law: New Corporate Techniques for Financing Development"

Rumu Sarkar
Senior Legal Advisor, Millennium Partners

Professor Sarkar will provide a basic introduction to the main problems of poverty and underdevelopment confronted by lawyers within the development context. What is meant by development-- who defines it and for what purposes? Who are the actors (institutional, governmental, grassroots)? Why should development be supported by donor countries and aid recipients?

Second, the course will examine certain approaches/solutions to the development quagmire particularly through the use of corporate finance techniques. Specifically, the implications and consequences of the European debt crisis will be examined.  The impact on global capital markets and the shift in terms of the acquisitions of European and US-based firms by corporations and conglomerates from the developing world will be explored.  How and when did this start happening, and why? 

Finally, the seminar will provide the students will an opportunity to engage in real-time negotiations with their classmates divided into teams to consider an in-class exercise on an acquisition of a French firm by an Indian one.  This will enable the participating students to use an analytical legal framework provided by the course for identifying issues and problems and for taking certain approaches to resolve them. Moreover, students will be able to develop real life lawyering skills of identifying problems, resolving them through active negotiations, and developing a schematic business plan for their client that takes into account the legal implications of different approaches to a business undertaking. The course is designed to be fully interactive, giving students an opportunity to share in the lecture format and add their own perspectives and viewpoints to the discussion.

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