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Why a Loyola LLM?

What is unique about PROLAW®?

Innovative Approach

The first of its kind, PROLAW® stands out from existing LLM degrees in the world. Your learning outcomes and curriculum have been designed with the needs of the job in mind. During your studies you will not only learn the skills, practices and knowledge that successful rule of law advisors share in the world.

The uniqueness of this program lies in its focus on the "how to" aspects of rule of law advisory work. It takes legal professionals beyond their current training and expertise in law itself and helps them develop knowledge and skills not normally taught in law schools, but which are critical to rule of law practice. PROLAW® graduates will be unique in their knowledge of the full range of experience and tools, which have been developed in this new field over the past 20 years.

Small Cohorts

From 20 to 30 students take part in the program each year. Your classmates will come from all over the world with different religious and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring you a vivid and passionate discourse throughout the course. Having a small cohort encourages you and your classmates to form lifelong personal and professional relationships. There is a special bond that comes with truly getting to know all of the other members of your class.

International Professional Network

Upon graduation you will be qualified to act as a rule of law advisor in developing countries and countries in economic transition. Already during your studies you will start building your contact network not only through your classmates but also through your teachers, seminars, and workshops that will help you get started with your new career, or enhance an existing one.

Exceptional Faculty

Your international teaching faculty will consist of highly qualified and experienced rule of law professionals to ensure that individual courses achieve their practice-oriented objectives. The Program Director, William T. Loris, is a co-founder and the former Director General of International Development Law Organization (IDLO). He also served as a legal and development specialist for more than 10 years in Africa and the Middle East.

Outstanding Value

Whether you return to your country to become a key advisor on legal reform or pursue opportunities for an international development career in rule of law advisory work, as part of our alumni you will be in a position to provide leadership around the world in the fight against poverty and injustice and become key members of the growing international, professional rule of law community.

When you graduate from the program, you will have set yourself apart from your peers with a degree from a US accredited program and the confidence knowing that you have sharpened your skills and knowledge to be able to successfully serve as a rule of law advisor.


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