Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Developmental Faculty

 Denise Davidson, PhD, Assoc. Professor | 
Research Interests: language development, second language development and reading; impact of emotion on cognitive processes; social cognition and stereotype formation.
 Perla Gamez, PhD, Asst. Professor | pgamez@luc.edu
Language development; Bilingual and second language learning; Connection between language and literacy; Classroom talk; Language input; Syntactic priming. View Dr. Gamez's research website here.

 James Garbarino, PhD, Prof. and Maude C. Clarke Chair |
Research Interests: violence, poverty and trauma in the lives of children and youth; issues of meaning and spirituality in the lives of youth. Find out more about Dr. Garbarino's work and the Center for the Human Rights of Children here.

 Catherine Haden, PhD, Prof. |
Research Interests: Learning in museums; Parent-child conversational interactions; Autobiographical and event memory; Narrative development.  View Dr. Haden's research webpage here.

 Christine Li-Grining, PhD, Assoc. Professor and Developmental Training Track Coordinator | 
Research Interests: self-regulation, school readiness, and academic achievement in early and middle childhood; child care,education, intervention, and policy; risk and resilience; ethnic minority, immigrant children. View Dr. Li-Grining's full faculty profile here.
 Amy Bohnert, PhD, Assoc. Professor | abohner@luc.edu
Clinical and Developmental Faculty
Research Interests: Contextual influences on development, especially organized extracurricular activities; social emotional adjustment; developmental psychopathology; obesity. Please contact Dr. Bohnert for more information about her current research.