Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Developmental Faculty

 Amy Bohnert, PhD | abohner@luc.edu

Research Interests: Contextual influences on development, especially organized extracurricular activities; social emotional adjustment; developmental psychopathology; obesity. Please contact Dr. Bohnert for more information about her current research.

 Denise Davidson, PhD, Developmental GPD | 

Research Interests: language development, second language development and reading; impact of emotion on cognitive processes; social cognition and stereotype formation. View Dr. Davidson's research webpage here. 

 Perla Gamez, PhD | pgamez@luc.edu

Language development; Bilingual and second language learning; Connection between language and literacy; Classroom talk; Language input; Syntactic priming. View Dr. Gamez's research website here.

 James Garbarino, PhD, Maude C. Clarke Chair |

Research Interests: violence, poverty and trauma in the lives of children and youth; issues of meaning and spirituality in the lives of youth. Find out more about Dr. Garbarino's work and the Center for the Human Rights of Children here.

 Catherine Haden, PhD |

Research Interests: memory and narrative development; parent-child conversational interactions; learning in informal educational environmentsView Dr. Haden's research webpage here.

 Kathleen Kannass, PhD | 

Research Interests: the development of attention and learning in infancy and early childhood; the influence of nutrition on cognitive developmentView Dr. Kannass' research webpage here.

 Christine Li-Grining, PhD | 

Research Interests: self-regulation, school readiness, and academic achievement in early and middle childhood; child care,education, intervention, and policy; risk and resilience; ethnic minority, immigrant children. View Dr. Li-Grining's full faculty profile here.