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Renee Engeln-Maddox

Title: Instructor, Ph.D. 
Office: 615 Damen Hall  
Phone: 773.508.3585 

Personal Information

Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago (2004) 

Courses taught at Loyola: Psychology 101 (General Psychology), Psychology 238/Women's Studies 238 (Psychology of Sex and Gender Differences and Similarities), Psychology 338 (Psychology of Personality), Psychology 315 (Lab in Psychological Tests and Measures)

Research Interests:

My primary research interests involve exploring the link between images of women in the media and women's perceptions about their own bodies. In particular, I have been examining how and why women "talk back" to the images they see in the media, and whether this type of critical processing is related to lower levels of body image disturbance. More recently, I've started a series of studies exploring the life outcomes women associated with the media's beauty ideal, and whether perceptions regarding these outcomes can be manipulated as a means of attenuating women's dissatisfaction with their own appearance. In a related series of studies, I have been attempting to develop interventions to encourage women to focus on their internal qualities (e.g., personality traits, interests, academic strengths) as a means of decreasing the extent to which they focus on appearance-related dimensions when responding to media images.

A separate line of research that I have been working on with a colleague (Steven Miller) involves measuring the degree to which students participating in studies through the psychology department's participant pool are motivated to complete research surveys accurately and how often these research participants fail to follow instructions during psychological research. The primary goal of this research is to determine how "unmotivated" participants can affect statistical power in experiments.

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