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Thomas Petzel

Thomas P. Petzel, Ph.D. Title: Professor, Clinical Psychology; Ph.D. 
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Phone: 773.508.3028  

Personal Information

Ph.D., 1969, St. Louis University

Research Interests:
My recent work is in three areas: (a) psychological and behavioral dimensions of writing anxiety; (b) shyness and social anxiety; and (c) cognitive dimensions of clinical depression.

My interest in writing anxiety came from my experiences as an assistant and associate dean in the college of arts and sciences. Monitoring compliance to our writing requirements provided some compelling clinical, or at least anecdotal, observations about the behavioral reactions of people anxious about writing. I developed a psychological model and a measure of the writing process. Interestingly, one of the behavioral dimensions of writing anxiety is procrastination. There is a great deal of public interest concerning procrastination in general. I am available to students who may want to work on the topic of procrastination.

My interest in shyness is an outgrowth of my previous work in depression. Some of the cognitive characteristics found to be associated with depression are also relevant to shyness.

Recent Publications:
Petzel, T. P., & Wenzel, M. U. (1993). Reliability and validity of the Writing Anxiety Scale: Replication and extension. American Psychological Society Convention, Chicago, Illinois.

Johnson, K. A., Johnson, J. E., & Petzel, T. P. (1992). Social anxiety, depression, and distorted cognitions in college students. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 11, 181-195.

Johnson, J. M., Petzel, T. P., & Johnson, J.E. (1991). Attributions of shy persons in affiliation and achievement situations. Journal of Psychology, 125, 51-58.

McCown, W. G., Johnson, J. L., & Petzel, T. P. (1989). Procrastination, a principal components analysis. Personality and Individual Differences, 10, 197-202.

Petzel, T. P., Johnson, J. E., & Bresolin, L. M. (1990). Peer nominations of leadership and likability in problem solving tasks as a function of gender and tasks. Journal of Social Psychology, 130, 641-648.

Urani, M. A., Miller, S. A., Johnson, J. E., & Petzel, T. P. (2002). Social anxiety and homesickness in first year college student. American Psychological Association Convention. Chicago, IL.

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