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Purchasing Checklist Instructions

Instructions for Completing the Purchasing Checklist and Bid Summary Form 

A)  Must be completed a) for all purchase transactions that equal or exceed $5,000 and that are committed to a non Pre-Qualified Supplier; and b) for all purchase transactions that equal or exceed $150,000 and that are committed to a Pre-Qualified Supplier. 

B) The completed form must be sent to the Purchasing Department upon submittal of a purchase requisition or check requisition for approval. 

C)  Sectional Instructions:

D) Price/Cost Analysis Based On: Every transaction using this form must have a price reasonableness determination performed and documented.

E) Negotiations: The documentation of negotiations is not mandatory, but recommended when using federal funds. Auditors often look for and favor packages where the university has made an additional effort to negotiate better deals in the name of the government.

F) Certificate of Current Cost and Pricing: If federal government funds are being used and the order is equal to or exceeds $700,000, cost and pricing data should be obtained in accordance with FAR Part 15.403, as applicable.

G) Small Business Utilization: When using federal funds $150,000 under contracts, Public Law requires that certain types of small businesses must be used to the maximum practicable extent (be afforded the maximum practicable opportunity to participate). If none of these types of businesses are solicited, it must be explained why not. If solicited and not chosen, it must be explained why not. For all other procurements, use of small businesses is strongly encouraged by Loyola, as well as by federal, state, and local agencies and other institutional and private providers of funds.

H) Small Business Utilization Plan: If federal government funds are being used and the subcontract is equal to or exceeds $650,000, and the sub-award is to other than a small business, a Small Business Plan must be acquired from the sub-awardee in accordance with FAR 52-219-9.

I) Identification and Approval: Once the document has adequately been completed, the person who is filling out the details has to be identified; the department for which the items/services are for needs to be named; a departmental approval signature, other than the requester or the person filling out the form, needs to be provided; and the final, completed Checklist must be submitted to the Purchasing Department for review and acceptance.


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