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Chicago's Academic Hub for Organizations that Thrive—While Doing Good

The Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility brings together top business, government, and academic leaders to bridge the theory and practice of progressive social responsibility.

We help social enterprises and businesses successfully navigate the triple bottom line: sustainability in social, environmental, and financial performance.

What We Do

We tap into the expertise of the Loyola Business Leadership Hub and the global network of Jesuit colleges and universities for all our partnerships and activities.

Our work focuses on four main initiatives:

Community Engagement and Events

We work in, for, and with communities in Chicago and beyond to provide service and spark discussion.

  • Speaker series: Our quarterly Leading Business for Good series explores what it takes to succeed in business while being socially responsible. Learn more →
  • Urban Social Benefit Incubator: We serve social entrepreneurs and business leaders around the Chicago area who are developing solutions that provide opportunities to marginalized communities in the city. We provide resources, programs, and services tailored to your needs at any stage of development.
  • Partnerships: We support joint initiatives and co-host events with social enterprises and professional organizations.


The Quinlan School of Business trains socially responsible business leaders in formal undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework, certificate programs, and custom trainings.


Quinlan faculty and staff investigate and advance triple bottom line management practices through practical, applied research.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

By partnering with the Baumhart Center, you have access to the expertise and insights of faculty, staff, and students from across Loyola University Chicago departments and specialities, as well as from the global Jesuit network.

Partner with the Baumhart Center

To get involved, contact Carolyn Ogrey.