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Your Public Image on the Internet

Is your public image ready for the professional world?  If you are conducting a job or internship search it should be. You may not think that you even have a public image-after all, you are still in school. But you do!

Your email address is a part of your public image.  If it is cute or funny it may not be creating the professional image you want. Your email address should be simple and professional.  For example, student@luc.edu is fine, while heybabe@yahoo.com is not.

The message on your answering machine or voicemail is part of your public image.  It should also be simple and professional. Avoid having music or funny messages on your answering machine.  Ensure that you state your first and last name clearly.

Many students have websites and/or are registered on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  Just as your friends are able to search for your profiles, so are employers, and others who might be in a position to influence your job search.  Some employers are now doing deliberate web searches of job candidates.  Posting inappropriate material may influence an employer’s impression of you and harm your chances of receiving a job offer.  Likewise, we caution you about putting too much personally identifiable information on the web because it could endanger your safety.  We recommend that you do not put anything in your profile that you would not want these people to read or see.  We further recommend that you use 'blockers' to prevent unwanted comments to be posted to your site.  Check frequently and remove any inappropriate comments or photos on your site.  

Business Career Services encourages all students to check their public image. If you have questions, a BCS staff member will be happy to assist you.


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