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Quinlan School of Business

Executive MBA (EMBA)


Loyola's Executive MBA Program

Harness the power of your experience. The business world is constantly evolving. And in today's competitive environment, you need a degree that sets you apart.

Quinlan's Executive MBA program puts your experience—and that of your peers—to work for you. Throughout the program, you'll partner with your classmates from diverse professions on team projects that examine contemporary business issues. This collaborative, hands-on approach offers great outcomes for the short- and long-term, as you'll return to work after every class session with new skills, innovative ideas, and a fresh perspective.

Courses for this accelerated, 18-month program are offered on alternate weekends to fit into your busy schedule. An international trip is an integral part of the program and offers you the opportunity to enhance your global business understanding.

How does Quinlan make a difference?

Quinlan's Executive MBA goes above and beyond curriculum requirements. We focus on developing the general management qualities that are respected and much sought after in today’s global business environment. Quinlan's EMBA is:

  • Values Based—Today's business environment demands that executives lead with integrity. Quinlan's Executive MBA will help you stand out with an array of skills that focus on responsible leadership.
  • Focused on Theory and Practice—Classroom topics are outcome-focused and team projects emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration. As a result, you'll acquire tools and knowledge that you can use on the job immediately.
  • Global—A global perspective has never been more important to have in business. Quinlan's Executive MBA prepares you for the worldwide business arena with an in-depth international trip.
  • An Exceptional Value—As a nationally recognized program, Quinlan's Executive MBA delivers an outstanding return on investment. You'll earn a degree—and an experience—that will transform your career.

The advanced knowledge and skills the Quinlan EMBA helps you develop are invaluable to any business. Many companies recognize this and therefore sponsor EMBA training (either in part or whole) for promising managers, directors, and executives at our business school.

Visit our downtown Chicago campus to explore the benefits of Loyola's Quinlan School of Business. Apply now or request more info on Quinlan's EMBA.