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According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, US businesses spend an average of 38% of their annual capital budgets on IT. Unfortunately, various studies show that 30% to 60% of all IT investments fail to return an economic profit. This means that each time a company makes an IT investment, it is just as likely to destroy shareholder value as it is to create it.

CEOs and CFOs have responded to this problem by demanding that IT organizations reduce spending on IT, improve returns on IT investments and improve the alignment between IT spending and business strategy. The best way for IT organizations to achieve these goals is to implement an effective IT portfolio management process. But how do they do that?

Most portfolio management advocates tell IT executives, managers and analysts what they should do. They do not tell them how to do it. Led by an experienced IT portfolio manager, Loyola's program describes what needs to be done and then shows exactly how.

This is a very hands-on program. It focuses on providing the skills required to analyze the costs, benefits, risks and strategic value associated with individual IT projects, and to manage a portfolio of projects in order to reduce costs, maximize returns and improve alignment with business goals.

Topics covered in this program include:

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Fees are based on the level of customization, development and delivery time, and vary by project.

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Programs can be conducted at Loyola's Executive Education training center in downtown Chicago, at one of our suburban campuses across Chicagoland, or onsite at your organization.


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