Loyola University Chicago

Quinlan School of Business

Peer Advisory Groups

Your Personal Board of Advisors

Peer Advisory Groups (PAGs) meet to discuss family business subjects of mutual interest. Moderated by professional facilitators from the Center, these confidential forums provide a committed group of peers with the goal of shared growth as owners.

Group Structure

  • Groups are moderated by professional facilitators
  • 6 annual meetings, each 4-6 hours long
  • Groups are made of 8-10 individuals
  • Groups choose meeting times and locations
  • Individual members receive one-on-one coaching twice a year
  • Family members and competitors are never grouped together

Role of Group Members

  • Promote effective change for individuals
  • Hold yourself and other group members accountable
  • Define issues of importance for the group to explore
  • Provide trusted feedback on difficult family issues
  • Commit to and attend group meetings
  • Remain open, honest and willing to share
  • Two year commitment as a group member


Contact Anne Smart, Membership Director
312.915.7738 • asmart@luc.edu