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PAG Summit: Emotional Intelligence

Sept. 11, 2014 • Noon–6 pm
Cuneo Mansion and Gardens, 1350 N. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills, IL

Registration is now open.


   Anne Smart
   Director of Membership,
   Loyola Family Business Center



Please join your fellow Peer Advisory Group members, facilitator, and me on September 11 for the Family Business Center’s second annual PAG Summit. This workshop will bring together members of the Center’s 10 Peer Groups to explore and build skills in self-reflection, and social- and cultural-awareness.

You’ll learn how you can apply these new skills at work and with your family as you discover how to create a climate of inclusion and trust that leverages diversity, enables risk taking, and inspires the best from family and team members.

Take a look below for a snapshot of the day and be sure to register soon. I look forward to seeing you in September!



Session 1: Knowing and Accepting Yourself
Join Jorge Cherbosque (psychologist, professor and author) as you explore the critical first step in team development: awareness of yourself. Who are you? What are your values, biases and preferences? Learn to manage your emotional reactions and behavior, and discover how self-awareness among team members can improve a group’s ability to self-examine and clarify core values.

Key topics of this session will include:

Session 2: Gaining Mastery Over Your Emotions
Maintaining self-control and a positive attitude are important skills to have when confronted by difficult circumstances or upsetting emotions. Learn what it takes for a team to remain flexible and adaptable in the face of change and how channeling emotions in a constructive direction can help manage anxiety and frustration.

Key topics of this session will include:

Session 3: Understanding the Range of Human Behavior
There are many benefits to understanding and empathizing with cultural norms that are different from your own. Discover how a deeper level of enlightenment helps teams avoid judgment, connect with fellow peers and develop a greater respect for the different ways of doing and being.

Key topics of this session will include:

Session 4: Structuring a Compelling and Respectful Environment
Become a Cultural Interpreter by helping others understand the different cultural rules and perspectives among teams, families and workplace environments. Learn to leverage the differences of others by building inclusive, synergistic environments that inspire the commitment and creativity of all.

Key topics of this session will include:

Reflect on what you’ve experienced. You’ll create an accountability plan with your fellow PAG members and then share what you’ve learned with the larger group. What have you learned about your emotional reactions? What have you learned from fellow PAG members, and what tools will you apply to your life, family, and business?

Register now! Questions or concerns? Contact us via email or at 312.915.6490.


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